So I just had my FIRST EVER email conversation with my Dad. Like I sent him an email asking him a question, he emailed me back with the answer. Then I emailed him to confirm I got it. Prior to today, he would call me with the answer. Totally defeating the purpose of email.

Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?!?! Yea me!!

An IM Conversation I had today

Me: ok, so this little worker bee over here keeps talking to himself. and just now he said “see what daddy can do now!”

Me: i swear to god.

Her: that is really weird

Her: daddy?

Me: ummm, yeah.

Me: should I be scared?

Me: cause I kinda am.

Her: i would be, he refers to himself as daddy?

Me: unless the screw, or worse yet-the drill, is the daddy

Her: ok, you just made me snort

Dream Analysis

Last night I had the oddest dream. I am not quite sure what I was thinking about before falling asleep but I am fairly certain it had to do with last weeks Nip/Tuck stigmata reference and the fact that I had a bit of a stomach ache. I will allow you to form the opinion on your own, however. Here it is:

I was rubbing lotion on my arms, as I do everyday (morning with lovely scents, evening with moisturizer) and I noticed the lotion wasn’t absorbing in certain spots. In more or less a pattern. As I continued to rub the lotion in, I realized there were numbers “etched” into my arms. If I remember accurately, the numbers were 5, 3, 5, and 4, ascending up my arm. As I went to show a friend, to ensure I wasn’t crazy, the numbers started to bleed. And didn’t stop. So I had numbers bleeding out of both of my arms. My friend insisted I go to the hospital, and when we arrived there I started vomiting large amounts of blood into a near by sink. Several doctors came to evaluate me, but I awoke before any conclusions were deducted. Odd.

At the recommendation of one of my friends, I googled my dream to see what it meant. According to Dream Moods, “To see your arms as the emphasis in your dream, indicates your nurturance side and your ability to reach out and care for people. Alternatively, it may represent the struggles and challenges in your life. Consider the pun “arm yourself” which implies that you need to protect yourself, be more aggressive and take a firmer stance on things. To dream that your arm has been injured, signifies your inability to care for yourself or your helplessness in reaching out to others. You may have been feeling limited and restricted in terms of your freedom or activities. To dream that you are bleeding or losing blood, signifies that you are suffering from exhaustion or that you are feeling emotionally drained. It may also denote bitter confrontations between you and your friends. Your past actions has come back to haunt you.”

Just some food for thought on a dreary Wednesday morning. Hope you all had better dreams that I did.

The Postal Service

I have to admit, I am not usually a big fan of the good ol’ USPS, but today they went ahead and out did themselves. Yesterday at work we got a letter from USPS that they will now allow us to order stamps by fax. I thought back at all the times I have stood in line, for what seemed like hours, at the post office just to take care of something that took, at most, 30 seconds. So I thought I would give them a try and order by fax. They even guaranteed that if your order was placed by 5 pm it would be there by 5 pm the next day! The NEXT day! So I faxed in my order at 4:45 pm yesterday and thought, “I wonder when my stamps will actually arrive. Probably like the cable guy…at the last minute!” And ya know what? They just got here! And its only 11:25 am. (It was even hand delivered.) That means I actual received my stamps in time to use them today! Low and behold, God must work at the post office, ’cause this is a miracle!