New, new, and sporty to boot!

Speaking of new things, our household finally got the rest of our Christmas presents over the weekend. Simeon and I didn’t really give each other anything for Christmas because we were planning on making a couple big purchases in the coming month. We got my new fridge a couple weeks ago and on Friday we got our new couch:

More pics are here. Once the couch was delivered, Nick and Simeon spent several hours rearranging our new “media” room. They set up our Bose surround sound, the 55″ TV, and allllll the components that come with it. And let me tell ya, it’s Fab. U. Lous. Totally in a three word way.

Then on Saturday we managed to pry ourselves off the new couch (how, I have no idea!) to attend my nephew’s basketball game. Emmitt is becoming quite the little athlete. With all the running, passing, dribbling, and shooting, we managed to take a couple fun shots. Check ’em out!

(He’s the one in red. Well, the one in red with the ball, anyway.)

Ooooh and for the second new in my title, Simeon made some changes in my photo gallery. I was getting quite tired of the pop-up window (as I am sure you were too!), so Sim and I brainstormed over lunch last week and together we created a whole new viewing process. It looks the same initially; once you select a gallery category you still see the thumbnails of the images, but once you click on a image to see it larger, it no longer opens in a new window. It opens in your current window AND (here is my favorite part!!) you can see the previous and the next images as well. I think this makes it easier to view through all the photos. Plus I just love the image preview. But for those of you who aren’t looking to see every single shot, you can still look from the thumbnails and pick the photo you want to see larger. Fun, huh? I am curious to see what you think, so let me know! Oh and this is just a hint of new things to come. Bwahahaha!

Here’s something we haven’t done in awhile!

Post pictures! I swear I have been taking them, but I keep forgetting to take them off my camera, so they just sit, waiting patiently, for me to empty my memory card. So here are some great ones from last weekend’s events.

On Friday my friend (and co-worker) Lisa E got married. It was a beautiful ceremony followed by a reception with some of the best food I have ever eaten (just don’t ask me what I ate, because I have no idea how to pronounce the fabulous gourmet treats they provided). All of the pictures from the wedding are over here.

Then on Sunday we got to spend some much needed quality time with the Boisvert clan. We met them for brunch at the Old Market Pub in Multnomah Village then boys and girls divided for some shopping adventure. The boys went to Best Buy and The Mac Store, while the girls (with munchkins in tow) ventured over to Toys R Us.

Then we all met up later to hang out at our house. Miss Lindsay just loves to come over to my house and play with all my toys. New/different things are just so exciting. Oh and I have Harry Potters glasses, and nothing can top those babies!

We ended the evening with some Chinese take-out from PF Chang’s for dinner. It was the perfect way to spend a Sunday.
Pictures from their visit are here.


Ok, so who opened up the gates of hell? Oh yeah THAT WOULD BE ME. I just wanted to apologize for any hurt feelings or angry words that have been said as a result of my last post. I was merely trying to turn my hurt feelings into a joke with a little humor. Sadly, it backfired. Everyone is great. Everyone is good. We all just deal with things in different ways. There is no blame here. Ok?

So I want to leave you all with something to think about: Sarcasm does NOT translate well over the Internet. Now go on and have a nice day!

Flake Magnet

So I was going to write a I-am-so-happy-I-have-a-lunch-date post, but in light of a recent IM conversation with a certain someone who just happened to cancel our plans (for the second day in a row), I am now writing a post pondering the magnificent ability I have to attract friends who are complete and total flakes. Hmmmmmm.

I am really starting to wonder if I am taking the opposites attract issue to the extreme. You all know (or those of you who have read any of my site) that I am very organized, punctual, dependable, etc. almost–ok, who am I kidding, TOTALLY–to the point of being obsessive compulsive. But really, can I not have friends who are at least borderline reliable? Is it too much to ask for a little respect? The ability to RSVP? Meet at the time we decided? Reply to that email I sent? Call and tell me you aren’t coming even though you said you were? Invite me over to your new house?

Oh well. I guess this must be my karmic retribution for something horrible I did in a past life. Do you think it matters that I don’t actually buy all that crap?

Have you ever….

…really had to pee, but on your way out of your office had a co-worker highly recommend you not use the one on our floor because someone did something horrid and unforgivable in there, so you go down and use one on the 3rd floor, which has the exact same floor plan as your own floor, and by the time you pee, wash your hands, check your hair (and your teeth!), you walk out of the bathroom and into what you think is your office only to realize it is completely vacant and there is no one there and for half a second you freak the hell out wondering WTF happened while you were in the bathroom, only to realize you are not on your floor and therefore all is right in the world again?

No? It’s just me?

Oh ok then. Must be Monday, eh?


So I don’t really have a lot to say today. I guess I could start with the fact that I made it back safe and sound from Convention. Sadly it wasn’t “Girls Gone Wild” like some people would think (sorry, Jeanie!). I am not into the drinking-all-night-and-therefore-puking-all-morning lifestyle. I had a fun time, but travelling really takes a lot out of me. Thankfully I had Monday off from work, so I got to sleep in and relax a little before I had to clean up the remains of a “boys video game weekend.” Oy vey. Actually they were really good and I just had to do my basic weekly cleaning and TONS of laundry. Then I have just been workin’ and not a whole lot of anything else.

Anyone else hear crickets chirping?

Sorry I don’t have a lot to bring to the table. I’m tired and having a weird pain in my lower back that Extra Strength Tylenol and two trips to the chiropractor in one morning won’t fix. I think I need a vacation. Anyone else counting down to the next day off from work (Sadly it’s not until Presidents’ Day-Feb 20th! And that’s a whole month away!)??

Friday Morning Tidbits

First and foremost, did you all realize today is Friday the 13th?! Crazy. I totally didn’t even notice until I looked at my work phone just now. Random.

Secondly, I am leaving town later today. Husband is dropping me off at the airport and I am flying to Long Beach, California for a convention this weekend. Should make for a good time. Only I am a little nervous cause I have never had to fly alone. I’m not really alone, ’cause I am traveling with my up-line (well she is on the same flight anyway), but I am traveling sans siblings, sans spouse, and sans parental units, which I have never done. How can that be, you ask? I guess I just lead a sheltered life. So, being the anal retentive person I am, I have checked the status of my flight (still on), doubled checked that I have my boarding pass (I do) and triple checked that I packed everything I might have the occasion to need (also done). And, are you ready for this? I have printed the driving directions from the airport to the hotel, from the hotel to the convention, and from the convention back to the airport. (Google maps is the best! True Dat. Double true!) I really hate being lost, and since Simeon is my navigational beacon, I wanted to do my best to not get lost on this trip. Think I have over done it? Probably. Do I care? Nope.

And (thirdly?) lastly, I wanted to leave you with my final thought. (Ok, suddenly I am feeling very Jerry Springer-esque.) Anyway, here is my Google quote of the day, it’s too good not to share:

I think age is a very high price to pay for maturity. –Tom Stoppard

Can I get an amen to that? Alrighty. I am over and out. Have a great weekend all! I’ll be back next week.


I seriously just thought to myself, “Thank the Lord and the Baby Jesus for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.”

Which was quickly followed up with, “Hmmmm. I wonder if I am PMSing…”

Ohmigod she is TWO years old!

Another year has come and gone and the world’s cutest baby girl is actually two. Miss Lindsay celebrated her second birthday party on Sunday with all the party requirements: balloons, ice cream, party hats, presents and enough sugar-high toddlers to keep all the adults scrambling for hours.

Here the guest of honor presents her best “smile” for the camera. She was very excited that it was her birthday. And that there would be presents.

I realize this post is suppose to be all about Miss Lindsay, as it was her party, but this is just about the cutest picture of Emery EVER and I couldn’t resist tossing it out there. Come on now, how could you resist that face?

When the time came to open her gifts, Lindsay rose to the occasion. Tissue paper and bows were flying through the air with reckless abandon. The results? Bath toys, crafty coloring supplies, and enough dress-up articles to keep her royal highness happy for days on end.

Lindsay thoroughly enjoyed her clown ice cream cone, but as it neared nap time, she started to eat in what seemed like slow motion. Sadly the ice cream wasn’t as patient as she was and melted all over her tiny hands.

Then when everything was said and done, Miss Lindsay got to have a birthday bath, complete with all the new bath toys she received as presents. All of the pictures I took during the party are over here. Enjoy!

Things actually said over dinner tonight

“Well that’s because Heather has semen in her body AT ALL TIMES!”

“It’s the pot–it’s like catnip!”

“I love that they wear harnesses. That makes me laugh really hard…on the inside!”

“Well if you hit my mammary glands of course it’s gonna hurt!”

“Megan got laid…and Nick got screwed!”

“She’s the sexretary!”

“I love the air quotes around ‘virgin.'”
“Well, is that better than playing the air guitar while saying ‘virgin?'”

“He took on the fairy under-world.”

“We were doing this Christmas thing–“
Interrupting, “Jew hater!”

“Hey, I paid for my car with two big hugs!”