Seven Year Doctor Appointment

Hadley had her seven-year doctors appointment Thursday. Here are her stats from the appt:

Height: 121.9 cm or 4′ (53th percentile)
Weight: 58 lbs 3.2 oz (80th percentile)
BMI: 17.76 (86th percentile)
Blood Pressure: 90/60
Pulse: 110

Hadley’s 7 year appt

After the nurse measured Hadley’s height, weight, and blood pressure, we saw our doctor. Unlike previous appointments, we had a few things to discuss with the doctor. So after his exam and questioning of Hadley’s habits and skills, we brought up our concerns. The first was a bump she has on the back of her knee. He said it’s just a small wart and wrote a prescription for this “magic wart cream” that was created by a pharmacy out in Clackamas. Medication to be applied topically to the wart and it should go away with a few weeks.

Secondly, we have had a few issues with random vomiting (with Hadley already having a very sensitive gag reflex, this added up to more vomiting than I was comfortable calling “normal”) that were not accompanied with any other issues. No fever, no flu, no cold. She would throw up once and go on like it never happened. He asked her some diet-related questions (eating spicy foods, too much food before bed, drinking chocolate milk, etc.) and speculated that it was likely due to the caffeine in the chocolate milk, Hadley’s drink of choice, and asked her to limit it to once a week or for special occasions. He also asked her about her bowel movements (thankfully, this no longer something I am involved in). He said that whenever she pooped at home she should have me look at it and, showing me a chart on “types of poop,” see if it looked normal. I assured him that Hadley could certainly tell him what her own poop looks like. She quickly looked at the chart and declared, “I always have ‘deer poops’ like number 1.” He said that solved that matter and she is severely constipated and needs to start taking MiraLAX daily until she can be more of a “number 4” on the chart. And the poop talk just keeps on coming!

Our final issue was with bedwetting (or the clinical term of “nocturnal enuresis”). Hadley is such a deep sleeper that she is unable to wake herself up at night to use the bathroom. We weren’t worried about it, knowing she would outgrow it eventually, and the doctor assured us it’s perfectly normal and that as many as 15% of seven-year-olds have the issue. He said it just becomes a concern when the child is embarrassed or ashamed to wear a pull-up (usually when around others, like at a sleepover). Hadley said she doesn’t want to have accidents anymore and so we decided it was time to take action. He said they have had great success with the bedwetting alarms that teach the child, through a Pavlovian response, to wake up to use the bathroom. Hadley was really excited and we went home and ordered one right away.

Despite all of our questions and concerns, the doctor assured us that Hadley is perfectly normal and healthy. He gave her a clean bill of health. She got a flu shot from the nurse and we were good to go until next year!

All the First Days

One of my favorite things about Facebook is that it likes to remind me of “On this day” posts from previous years. But for things like the first day of school, those aren’t all going to be on the same day, so I get them in random order. And you all know how I like things to be in proper order. So here we are. A collection of all the “first day of school” photos, in chronological order.

Ana’s first day of Preschool:
Ana's First Day of Preschool

Ana’s first day of Pre-K:
First Day of Pre-K

Ana’s first day of Kindergarten:
Ready to go!

Ana’s first day of 1st Grade:
Ana First Day of 1st Grade

Ana’s first day of 2nd Grade:
Ana First Day of 2nd Grade

Ana’s first day of 3rd Grade:
Ana First Day of 3rd Grade

Ana’s first day of 4th Grade:
Ana First Day of 4th Grade

Ana’s first day of 5th Grade:
Ana First Day of 5th Grade

Hadley’s first day of Preschool:
Hadley first day of preschool

Hadley’s first day of Pre-K:
Hadley First Day of Pre-K

Hadley’s first day of Kindergarten:
Hadley First Day of Kindergarten

Hadley’s first day of 1st Grade:
Hadley First Day of 1st Grade

And just because I love the side-by-sides:
Ana 3rd Grade, Hadley Pre-K

Ana 4th, Hadley Kindergarten

Hadley 1st, Ana 5th

Six Year Doctors Appointment

Hadley had her six-year doctors appointment last Thursday. Here are her stats from the appt:

Height: 115.5 cm or 3′ 9.47″ (56th percentile)
Weight: 51 lbs (79th percentile)
BMI: 17.34 (87th percentile)
Blood Pressure: 90/58

Six Year Dr Appt

After the nurse measured Hadley’s height, weight, and blood pressure, we saw our doctor. He had a conversation with Hadley about her habits (drinking milk, eating veggies, exercising, getting enough sleep etc.) and how she likes school. He asked if she knew her ABCs (which she promptly recited in record speed) and could count to ten (“I can count OVER 100!”). He asked a bunch of questions that felt like an interview which Hadley answered extensively like an enthusiastic celebrity while he performed her physical exam. In fact she was so distracted by giving her thorough answers she didn’t even notice he had done the reflex test (which she loves) and tried to call him out on it. “Um, you forgot to do the” mimes hitting her knee, “test.” And we all laughed and assured her he did the test–which she passed with flying colors. He said she did great and everything looks fantastic. She was also happy to hear that she didn’t need any immunizations, just the flu shot, which Ana would also be getting (I’m all about equality).

Flu Shot Survivor

Hadley got her flu shot, declared it didn’t even hurt, picked a sticker, and we were done!

Five Year Doctors Appointment

Hadley had her five-year doctors appointment last Thursday. Here are her stats from the appt:

Height: 43.07″ or 3′ 7.07″ (64th percentile)
Weight: 44 lbs (76th percentile)
BMI: 16.68 (84th percentile)
Blood Pressure: 94/40

We started her appointment with her usual weighing and measuring. Then we moved on to the eye exam. Hadley was excited to pick out the shapes on the wall and they said she did great.
Hadley's Eye Exam
Then once we were in the exam room, the nurse checked her blood pressure. Hadley was very interested in watching everything that was happening.
Checking Hadley's Blood Pressure
Then she got to do another game, er, test. This time it was to check her hearing. Once again she did great…so there are no excuses for not listening to me when I ask her to clean up her toys!
Hadley's Hearing Test
Then she got to get into the Looney Toons gown (which she was very excited to model for me) to get ready to see the doctor. Our regular doctor was out because he is recovering from back surgery, so we saw a different doctor who is actually a friend of ours. It was fun seeing her for the first time in a professional setting and it really made Hadley feel relaxed and comfortable. They were able to chat and go over all the usual appointment checklists without Hadley feeling uncomfortable or nervous.
Hadley Modeling the Looney Toons Gown
Eventually our time with the doctor ended and it was time to send in the nurse with Hadley’s immunizations (IPV and DTaP) as well as her flu shot. Knowing she needed three shots did not go over well with Hadley. After the first one, she let any pretense of bravery go and burst into tears. But she was happy to wipe the tears away as soon as the box of prizes came into view. She picked a tiny purple slinky and it made everything better. Until next year…

Four Year Doctors Appointment

Hadley had her four-year doctors appointment on Monday. Here are her stats from the appt:

Height: 40.25″ (62nd percentile)

Weight: 37.2 lbs (68th percentile)

BMI: 16.14 (73rd percentile)

Blood Pressure: 90/52

Last year our beloved pediatrician passed away suddenly from pancreatic cancer so we had to find a new pediatrician. I polled my mom friends, made a spreadsheet (as one does), and finally decided on a new doctor for my girls. Since we haven’t had any health issues in the last several months, the first time Hadley was going to be meeting her new doctor was for her annual appointment. She was a little nervous to be going to an unfamiliar place, meeting a new doctor, and the ever looming threat of shots. But as soon as we arrived at the office the girls were instantly at ease. They ran around checking out all the new toys, books, finding Nemo in in the fish tank, and searching for all the hidden items in the giant wall mural.
Finding Nemo in the fish tank
Finding pictures on the waiting room mural
When it was our turn to be called back, the nurse stopped Hadley just beyond the waiting room doors to check her height.
Checking her height
Then she did an eye exam. Hadley was very entertained by the blacked-out glasses and initially told the nurse she couldn’t see the shapes on the wall. When she asked about each shape individually, Hadley was able to correctly identify them all. I think she was just thrown off by “losing” her vision in one eye. They said her visual acuity is 20/40.
"Look at these silly glasses, Mama!"
Eye Exam
Then we went into the exam room and started with the hearing test. Understanding that four-year-olds don’t often get the concept of raising your hand when you hear the beep, they prefer to have children point out the word being said on a chart. Hadley thought it was a fun game but made the mistake of talking during her test and since they don’t have the ability to pause the test she got a little confused. But ultimately the nurse assured me that her hearing was just fine.
Hearing test time
Taking a pictorial hearing test
Then it was time to meet our new doctor. He came into the room, impressed to see that between Ana and Hadley they had assembled all the jumbled puzzles in his basket. He talked to me and Hadley for a bit and then moved on to his assessments. He asked Hadley if she wanted to draw a picture. She was very excited about this! He drew a cross (in green) and asked Hadley to do the same (in red…it was as close as she could get to pink). So she did. Then he drew another shape, asked Hadley what it was, and to draw one as well. She quickly said it was a square, and did her best rendition. Then he asked her to draw her mom. She looked excitedly at me and set to work, paying special attention to my hair. When she decided she was done, the doctor held the picture next to my face and declared that Hadley had done a lovely job. Then in a low creepy voice Hadley said, “Zombie Mama!” I giggled nervously and said “Well, it was just Halloween…” The doc raised his eyebrows but just laughed.
Hadleys's Drawing
All in all, we had a lovely appointment. We really liked the pediatrician we selected and the girls already can’t wait to go back next month for Ana’s annual exam. Hadley is perfectly healthy and after getting her MMR booster was informed she doesn’t have to come back until her appointment next year.
Waiting to see the doctor

Three Year Doctors Appointment

Hadley had her three-year doctors appointment this morning. Here are her stats from the appt:

Height: 37.25″ (50th percentile)

Weight: 32.4 lbs (60th percentile)

BMI: 160 (60th percentile)

Blood Pressure: 74/40
3 Year Appt
Hadley was VERY excited to come to her doctor’s appointment today. From the moment I told her about it this morning she has been asking for bubbles (which, I’m sure, the doctor uses to sneakily test things like coordination, dexterity, and physical abilities). Regardless of WHY he does it, she remembered and was looking forward to it.
3 Year Appt

We started the appointment with the nurse handing me the dreaded urine cup and asking me if I thought Hadley could get her a sample. We sat in the bathroom, Hadley perched on the toilet, me kneeling before her holding the cup between her legs. She flexed, pushed, and strained, but nothing came out. So the nurse gave Hadley some water to drink and asked us to try again before we left. No big deal. Then we went off to weigh, measure, and take her blood pressure. All good and normal. So she left to get the doctor.

He came in and started chatting away with Hadley. He asked her favorite color and she said, “Pink. Me and my mom like pink. But Ana doesn’t. She only likes green.” To which the doctor raised his eyebrows at me and I nodded in agreement. Then Hadley tacked on, “And my Daddy? He likes blue!” The doctor said it was great that she was so focused on detail and gave Hadley her first high-five of the appointment. Next he whipped out this little card with colored shapes on it and I instantly started to sweat. I had not prepped Hadley on shapes. Sure she knows the basics: circles, squares, and triangles; but this had pentagons, hexagons, and octagons. No way were we going to ace this. He asked her to point to the square and she pointed at the first square-ish shape she sees (I think it was the pentagon) and I know I have failed as a mother. Then he asks her to point to the circle then triangle, which she does. So he asks again to find the square. This time she gets it right. Then she points to the octagon, twists up her face, and says to the doctor, “I don’t know this one…but I think these are all in the same family.” and she points to the rest of the polygons on the sheet. He laughs out loud and says, “I think you are right!” Gives her another high five then nods at me and says, “She’s amazing.” Oh yeah. I may not have failed after all!!

Then he goes to check her nose, eyes, and ears. For the ears, he always meows when he checks in one ear and says he is looking for a kitty, then barks in the opposite ear, looking for a puppy. He made the cat sounds, then he and I started talking about something else while he checked her other ear and he didn’t make any animal sounds. Hadley stopped him and says, “That ear says ‘woof!'” The doctor paused, realized what she was telling him and said, “I can’t believe you remember that from last time!” This time she got a double high five!

We talked a little about if she was right handed and I said I was pretty sure she was. He asked if she could draw a circle and Hadley chimed in, “I can! I can draw a person!” so he busted out a sheet of paper and Hadley starts drawing a horizontal line. Then you could see that she remembered she was suppose to draw a circle (for the head) and she flipped the pen over in her hand and said, “Oh no! No eraser!” So he gave her a fresh piece of paper and she drew a circle (head), line (body), a couple legs, then went back to the circle, added a couple big circles connecting them with lines (glasses) and proclaimed, “That’s my Daddy!”

He finished up the rest of her physical exam, continually amazed at the things she was able to say, do, and recall from previous exams (I swear, much as I joke, I did not prep her for any portion of this appointment!). Then it came time to the physical test, jumping, hopping on one foot, then the other and Hadley was really excited because she knew the bubbles were coming. So the doctor filled the room with bubbles and let her dance around popping them.

Then he was finished and said he would send the nurse back in to give Hadley her flu shot. I knew we had a couple minutes so I took Hadley back to the bathroom and tried again for the urine sample. This time she totally did it! I thought she was going to fall off the toilet because she wanted to watch as she peed, for the first time ever, into a cup. Ahh the joys of having girls! Then Hadley didn’t even cry when she got her shot. Later she admitted, “That shot hurted, Mama.” but the nurse gave her a sticker and a sucker, so it was all instantly forgotten. All in all it was a very entertaining and successful annual exam. Can’t hate that!

A Letter: Thirty-six Months

Dear Hadley,
Last week you turned three years old. THREE. I am still in shock how quickly time has flown by. I feel like there is no possible way it could have been that long since I was pregnant with you, since you were born, learning to crawl, taking your first steps and then breaking your leg the next day, speaking in complete (and non-stop) sentences. The list of milestones completed over the course of those 1,095 days is far too numerable to mention. All those thing have happened in the blink of an eye yet are such impactful moments that they have dramatically shaped the person I am today. And I am so grateful for it.
Band-Aid Nose
We let you open a few gifts on the morning of your birthday. Then later in the day, when anyone would ask you if it was your birthday, you would say, “No. I already had my birthday at home.” You thought your birthday was literally opening gifts and didn’t understand that you got to celebrate ALL. DAY. LONG. Silly girl. Don’t worry, I’ll teach you how to maximize your birthday celebration.
Opening Gifts
We had your birthday party on Saturday… and I am still recovering. I don’t exactly do things half way and I tend to go a little overboard with details. Plus, your birthday is suppose to be all about YOU and I wanted it to be BIG because you are BIG. (You tell me this every day–except on days when you don’t want to be potty trained, in which case you tell me, “Mama, look at how tiny I am!”) So you picked the theme, Tangled (aka Rapunzel), and I ran with it. We had floating lanterns…
Hanging the "floating lights"
Pascal Cupcakes (green is happy, red is angry, and blue is melancholy)…
Pascal Cupcakes
Pascal party blowers where the blower was his little tongue…
Pascal party blower
Flynn Rider and Mother Gothel accompanied our Rapunzel cake as the table centerpiece…
Tangled Centerpiece
A long braid of “hair” (yes, I made it myself, and yes, it took forever) as the centerpiece for the kids table which acted nicely as a barrier to absorb all the spilled drinks from the “fancy glasses” you requested…
The Kids Table
Mini cast-iron frying pan party favors…
Frying Pan Favors
It was pretty awesome and it made you uncontrollably happy. So it was a win on all accounts.
Tangled Party Time
Hadley and her birthday cake
Normally I have a rule that we only have first birthday parties at our house. Once the kiddos are mobile we need to do them anywhere but here. The only reason I allowed us to have a party in our less-than-spacious abode was that we found a way to have the entertainment portion of the party outside of our house. Enter THE TUMBLE BUS.
The Tumble Bus
The Tumble Bus is this fantastic bus that has had all the seats removed and is filled with gymnastics equipment. So you and all your favorite friends were able to jump, swing, bounce, and well, tumble, but not inside my house. Genius. Everyone had a blast so we deemed the birthday a smashing success. So much in fact that Daddy and I enjoyed bottomless mimosas the following morning to celebrate the completion of such success.
Balance Beam
Jumping Girl
Earlier in the month we made our annual trek to the pumpkin patch and you loved it. You loved running though the corn maze holding hands with your best buddy, picking pumpkins straight from the vine, and all the fair-esque attributes like fresh kettle corn, caramel apples, and face painting.
I found my pumpkin!
Sparkly Bat Face
This year you were a monkey for Halloween. The costume was actually left over from when Ana was little (back when we still bought gender neutral costumes in case we ever had a boy) and ever since it came down from the attic in the 2/3T bin, you had your heart set on being a monkey. You were such a trooper at Trick-or-Treating too! You walked the entire time, carrying your own candy bag (shaped, of course, like a bunch of bananas), and when you weren’t too distracted by peoples costumes or decorations, you even remembered to use your manners. There were several times that we would be off the front porch and half way down then driveway when you would suddenly turn and run back to the house and shout “thank you!!” at their closed door. Better late than never!
Our Little Monkey
A couple weeks ago, while we were sitting around the table, doing “homework” (or rather Ana was doing homework while you colored on your dry erase paper) I asked you if you wanted to write your name. We had never tried, but a friend of mine had just posted about her child, who just started preschool, writing his name for the first time and I wondered what you could do. So I wrote your name slowly, in nice bold capital letters, telling you the name of each letter as I wrote it and asked you to write your name. Then you shocked me by actually doing it. I was very proud of you!
Hadley wrote her name!
First time writing her name!
Another momentous thing that happened during the last month is we decided it was time for your “Big Girl Bed.” Or rather you decided that you could just as easily climb in and out over the edges, so we safely removed the front panel to utilize the “toddler bed” portion of your convertible crib. You have been amazing at staying in bed and when you wake up in the morning you slowly open your bedroom door, peek out, and whisper, “I’m all done sleeping. Can I come out now?”
No more bars for Hadley
In her "big bed"
Hiding Under the Covers
While you can be quite silly, you are also very literal. The other day I said to you, “Are you my silly monkey?” And you responded in all seriousness, “No. I’m Hadley.” We then had a little talk about how you can be lots of things at once. Like you can be Hadley, you can be three, and you can also be a silly monkey. Sometimes language can be tricky. But, hang in there, I know you will get the hang of it.
Oh, Hads, you are just such a character and I love every aspect about you. I love how you love to whisper in my ear, anything from “I love you, Mama” to “That noise was just my butt.” I love how your favorite word is “Oh” and you say it after I have answered any questions you have asked me. Most kiddos your age have started the “Why?” phase, but you my dear, still accept everything I say as fact. I love that you call “Big Al’s” “Wreck It Al’s” (like the movie, Wreck It Ralph) and I have no intention of correcting you anytime soon. I love how much you love your sister; you run up to her every day we pick her up from school and you two hug like you haven’t seen each other in a week, rather than just eight hours. I love that the other day you asked your Dad if he was a girl and when we asked why you thought he was a girl you said, “because he has eyelashes and only GIRLS have eyelashes.” I love your innocence, your simplicity, your complexity, and your enthusiasm. I love your snuggles, your cuddles, and your kisses (even if sometimes the only place you will kiss me is on my knee because you are “all out of the other kisses.”) I just love YOU. Happy birthday, baby girl. (And yes, I can still call you “baby” even if you are a “big kid now.”)
Birthday Girl
All my love,


A Letter: Thirty-five Months

Dear Hadley,
Earlier this month you turned thirty-five months old. You are such a sweet little ball of energy that it is so much fun to be around you. I am so happy that I get to keep you at home for another year before I have to share you with the educational system!
Mama I look just like Cinderella!
Not that we don’t keep busy! You recently started gymnastics class and you absolutely love it! You are able to log roll, somersault, tip-toe across the balance beam, flip on the bars and swing on the rings and somehow still have energy to spare! It’s been great having a specific (and safe!) place for you to get all of your wiggles out but I kind of worry that allowing you to perfect your abilities will just encourage you to want to do it more…and I do not need you trying to balance beam across the back of the couch!
Ready for Gymnastics
Ring Master
You have also started taking a lot more interest in school. Since Ana is back into the swing of things, homework is a daily activity in our house and you do NOT want to be left out. When Ana sets up at the table, you settle in right beside her to work on your letters or just practice drawing. You have been particularly focused on filling in your pictures and trying to stay inside the lines when you color.
Drawing Pictures
Writing letters
When homework time is over, you and Ana like to play games on any number of our electronic devices. You are partial to the iPad or iPhones, since the mouse is still hard for you to navigate on your own, but you don’t mind snuggling up next to Ana when she is on the laptop so you can play games with her.
Working with Sister
But your absolute favorite thing right now is puzzles. You are obsessed! We only had a couple different puzzles and I quickly tired of doing the same ones over and over so we made a trip to the dollar store and stocked up on a variety of characters, shapes, and difficulties to end the monotony. (I actually really enjoy puzzles, but there is only so many times you can do the same puzzle before it makes you go crazy.) When we got home you quickly picked a puzzle and wanted me to help you put it together. I had to start dinner and told you once I got it in the oven I would be happy to help you out. When I finally came over to help, you had completed the entire thing. By yourself. And it was your first time doing a puzzle without straight edges. I was beyond impressed. And in the picture below, you can tell that you were pretty proud of yourself too.
Puzzle Princess
You are still something of a hoarder. Anytime you have something, you need to have the complete set and carry them all around together. It can be quite cute, watching you scurrying around with a pile of tiny stuffed animals like a little mother hen with her chicks. But it can also be quite annoying when I’m trying to buckle you into your carseat and I can hardly find you underneath your “entourage.”
Traveling with her Entourage
Part of being a little sister, is getting to tagalong to all of her events and activities. You became quite a pro at being a “sideline sister” this soccer season. You like to cheer on the girls, but you are also happy to play a game on your phone or run around with the other little siblings in the field.
Waiting for Rain
You have fully reached that phase where everything is better if it’s pink, purple, or covered in princesses. History has proven that this won’t last forever, so I am currently embracing all things girly and foofy and we are just going to roll with it. You insist upon only wearing dresses? Fabulous, toss some leggings underneath and we are good to go. You only want to drink from the pink or purple Camelbak? Fine with me. We have three to pick from. You will only watch a movie if there are girls in it? Easy peasy. We may be hard pressed to find any shows with an all male cast. I have been through this all before and you haven’t been able to throw anything at me that I can’t handle.
Cake Pop!
Sticker Obsessed
This age can be tricky. You are stuck in this spot where you and I both have a hard time deciding if you are big or little. If you don’t want to wear underwear/pull-ups, you tell me you are too little. But then in practically in the same breath you say you are too big too wear a bib (when there stops being food in the catcher portion of your bib THEN you will be big enough). I have a hard time with it too. I don’t ever want to rush you into anything before you are ready, but I also don’t want to hold you back either. I figure my job is to present you with the options and when you are ready, we can conquer it at that time. If you want to grow up, be a big kid, and assert your independence, that is fine with me. But if you want to be small, curl up on my lap, and just snuggle, just know that I will never stop you.
Beaded Beauties
All my love,

A Letter: Thirty-four Months

Dear Hadley,
A few days ago you turned thirty-four months old. And with that, it feels like you became this little person. You talk, well, constantly. In complete (if not rambling and never-ending) sentences, no less. You are always throwing out words that two year olds don’t typically use like “actually” and “apparently” and surprising everyone by using them correctly. Maybe some of that comes with having a sassy older sister. But no matter, it makes you a source of constant surprise, entertainment, and comedic relief.
Ice Cream Smile
Lately you have been totally obsessed with puzzles. Anytime we are hanging out at home, you beg me to sit with you on the couch and put together a puzzle. And, of course we have to watch the TV show or movie of whichever character is in the puzzle. It’s a Rapunzel puzzle? Then we watch Tangled. If we then complete the puzzle and move on to a Sofia the First puzzle, we must also switch the show we are watching. Naturally.
Puzzle Girl
We have officially entered the phase of “all princesses, all the time” so it could not be more appropriate that you simply love dress up. And since we happen to have quite an impressive dress up collection, you are constantly oscillating between the popular princesses and parading around the house, leaving a steady trail of glitter in your wake.
Dress Up Time
You are still resistant to potty training. Every once in awhile you will tell me you want to use the potty, and for one glorious day you wore thick cotton training pants and managed to use the potty for the entire day, but for the most part you are really against the whole idea. Earlier this week, on a day I knew we would be home (read: constant potty access) most of the day I asked if you wanted to wear underwear. You said no and insisted on a diaper, but about an hour later you came up to me asking if you could use the potty and wear underwear. I was thrilled, instantly took you up and set you on the potty, then let you pick out your undies. I kept asking if you needed to potty and you kept telling me no. Then we had the following conversation:

Me: Ok, you need to go sit on the potty now.
You: No, I don’t. I just went.
Me: In the potty?
You: No. I’m wet.
Me: WHAT?!? You can’t just pee in underwear. You have to use the potty.
You: No. I want to be a baby. I want a diaper.
Sigh. So I will try again soon. And pray that you don’t insist on going off to college sporting your Pampers Cruisers.
Big Girl Undies
Oh yeah. I'm cool.
While you can sometimes act (or demand to be treated) like a baby, there are other times when you totally surprise me with your bravery and independence. We were playing in the hotel pool the last time we were in Bend and you wanted to try “swimming” (read: laying across an inflatable pool noodle) all by yourself. So you positioned your body perfectly on the noodle, stepped off the step, and proceeded to kick around the pool. Sure, you were always within arms reach of an adult, but you did it by yourself. Voluntarily. And you kicked ass at it. I was totally blown away with your awesomeness.
Swimming Girl
Water Baby
Your physical prowess extends out of the pool as well. You have started experimenting with what I refer to as “crib gymnastics” where I am constantly finding you in various acrobatic positions, aided by the bars and railings of your crib. You are partial to the headstands, but have been known to sneak in a few somersaults and from the sounds coming from your room when you are suppose to be sleeping, some form of donkey kicks. Needless to say, I have enrolled you in your first gymnastics class and I hope to keep your gymnastics at the GYM.
Crib Headstand
Crib Gymnastics
Reach those toes
A couple weeks ago you were playing in Ana’s room, found one of her pens, and decided to draw all over your body. I was out of the house, but you gave your dad an opportunity to have the “pens are only for paper” talk. We later discovered that you also added some decorations to Ana’s comforter and butterfly throw pillow. I know this is something all kids must do, so I was glad it was relatively minor vandalism, and I pray you got it all out of your system. Just next time you use your body as a canvas try using washable marker, ok?
Body Art
Lately you have this new thing where in an effort to distract me from something you are doing that is less than favorable, you say, “Mama, I just love you.” The other day, you insisted on standing on my bare feet while you were wearing shoes. It did not feel good. I asked you, “Why do you want to stand on my feet? That hurts me.” And you responded, “Mama, I just love you.” Just know that despite your intentionally doing things that hurt me, coloring all over your body, and doing acrobatics in your crib that nearly give me a heart attack, no matter what, Hadley, I just love you too.
Pouty Face
All my love,

A Letter: Thirty-three Months

Dear Hadley,
A few days ago you turned thirty-three months old. I just turned thirty-three myself so for the next few weeks we can both enjoy being thirty-three! Not that I am anywhere near as adorable, inquisitive, or entertaining as you, but I find it amusing just the same.
Hads at the park
I know you are only two (though three is JUST around the corner) but your clothing requirements have become increasingly more high maintenance. Firstly, you insist upon sleeping in pajamas. Not just at night, but during nap time as well. (I actually get this one, because why wouldn’t you sleep in pajamas just because it’s the middle of the day?) But upon waking from your nap, you refuse to put on the clothing you wore that morning. On days when it’s chilly in the morning and hot in the afternoon, it makes sense, but most days I feel like I am just doing laundry to keep up with your four (or five, if you have a special activity, like ballet that requires specific clothing) outfit changes. Man, having a clothing diva can be exhausting!
Ballet in Blue
It’s no secret that we are big soccer fans. Timbers, Thorns, Pilots, we love them all. So it makes sense that you would get excited about soccer as well. One of the basic Timber’s Army cheers has a line, “When I root, I root for the Timbers!” and the other day I heard you singing in the car, “When I root, I root for soccer!” I’m glad our enthusiasm has been contagious.
Sim and his Mini Me
Timbers Fan
You are such a determined little lady that sometimes I forget how little you really are. But you manage to hold your own and continually amaze me with the things you can do when you put your mind to it. If Ana jumps on her bike, you hop on yours. If she digs out her scooter, you drag out yours. You are very active and just love to keep busy!
Scooter Girl
Drink your water!
Last weekend we ended up with a free day so we decided to go to Seaside. As soon as I said “beach” you ran upstairs and grabbed your sand buckets. I wasn’t sure if the weather would allow for actual beach time, but you were so excited that as soon as we realized the day was going to be nice, we made it happen. You love the sand. And the ocean. And running across the sand into the ocean. The sheer joy and shrieks of glee allowed me to put aside my utter loathing of the sand and it’s ability to coat every single surface instantaneously, and just enjoy some time on the beach with my family.
Running from the waves
Speaking of messy fun, the other day I let you play with Play Dough. I mean, really play with Play Dough. All the tools, all the colors, anything you wanted to do, we did it. I even let you play with multiple colors at a time and smoosh them together until they became a lovely vomit color (whatever you do, don’t tell Ana. I never let her play with more than one color at a time). It was fascinating to watch you alternating between being so serious and focused, to giggling as you squished the molding compound between your fingers.
Play Dough Time
I love watching the excitement on your face when you learn something or figure something out. Knowledge is so empowering and I love that you get the satisfaction from it as much as I do. For example, you have always called “balloons” “babloons.” And while that is incredibly adorable and it made me smile every time you said it, it’s not correct. I know you can pronounce it properly, so I worked you with, breaking it down: “Say ‘ba’ now say ‘loon’ and try it all together ‘ba-loon'” until you could say it. When you finally said it, “balloon!” your face lit up, and you started clapping! I think you were more excited than I was. Now every time you say “balloon” both of us beam with pride.
S'More Face
Earlier this month us Bateman girls had the opportunity to spend the week at Girl Scout Camp. Originally I just signed Ana up to go as a camper, but the camp needed more adult volunteers. I said I couldn’t commit to being there for the whole week because I stay home with you. Siblings are allowed to attend the camps “Pixie/Widget” program, but they have to be three years old and potty trained. They said they would make a special exception to their rule if I volunteered to work with the Pixies (3-5 year olds) so you could be with me. I agreed, despite the fact that camp was from 8:30am-3:30pm and you still take naps, but I just made sure that your dad was on stand-by to come pick you up if you had a meltdown. But I never had to call him. You were amazing. You were the youngest camper out there and I could not have been more impressed with your positive attitude. You are such a trooper.
First Day Campers
Heading to Camp
You had a fabulous time at camp. You made friends, did arts and crafts, learned silly songs (that you and Ana still continue to sing every time we are driving in the car), went on nature hikes, made “armpit fudge” in cooking class, and just had an all-around fun time. It was exhausting, but it was totally worth it.
Holding Hands
Holding the prize
Camp Girl
We also made some time in our schedule this month to meet some friends for Oaks Park Chipper Preschool morning. We hadn’t been at all this year and I wasn’t sure how you would do on the rides. Most of the rides the parents can ride with you, but there are several that are just for the little ones. But you loved them all! On one of the rides a little girl sitting next to you started crying and you actually comforted her. Then when the ride was over and you were unbuckled, you reached over and gave her a hug! It was one of the sweetest things I have ever seen.
Riding a motorcycle
Pew! Pew!
Hadley, you are such a riot. You are always saying things that crack me up. I swear, I laugh or smile all day long when I am with you. You have such a positive perspective and I just love to see things through your eyes. Your kind heart, your silly nature, and the way you are so expressive of your love toward family and friends make me so proud to be your mama.
Hads and Mama
All my love,