Sigh of relief

I can breathe again. Whew. I just got back from the dentist. I must admit I haven’t been to the dentist in, oh I don’t know, four or five years. Shame on me. I know, slap my hand. But in all honesty the past has proven it’s just not necessary. I have never had any problems with my teeth. No root canals. No fillings. No cavities. Nothing. But today as Simeon and I drove to our “New Patient” exam, all I could think about was Heather’s post about having eight cavities. I did not want to ruin my streak. I mean, I have worked really hard to be cavity free for 24 years and I didn’t want to ruin it now!

And luck for me I didn’t! Whew. In fact, my new dentist even told me that I only need to get X-rays taken every three years or so. She said anyone who tries to convince me otherwise is just trying to charge me unnecessarily. Is my new dentist perfect or what? Thank goodness!

Hello there my dears!

Did you miss me? I know I haven’t been around here much and I have been on other people’s blogs even less. Urgh. This time of year is super hectic at work and when I get home after working out I can barely manage to feed myself, let alone think of anything witty to say. But I swear I have been thinking about you all every day! If only April 15th would just hurry up and get here already!!

Whew. So a lot has been going on since I last blogged. Oh God it’s been over a week already! Jeez, time does fly! The most memorable things over the last week have been the exorbitant amount of babies I have been around. (Keep in mind when I say babies, this is a broad term. It contains any lovely children from birth to oh, I don’t know, ten.) Wanna see?

Beach Birthday Formula

What is the key to having a fabulous weekend at the beach while celebrating your brother-in-laws 21st birthday? It’s simple really:


Luck of the Irish….or not?

Today has been a very odd day for me. I started off this morning by knocking the glass shower door completely off. I don’t even know how I did it, because I only bumped it slightly with my knee and I didn’t even get a bruise (those of you who know me, know I bruise like a peach!). But off it came crashing down to the ground hitting the wall and scratching the linoleum with one fell swoop. The worst part was that Sim thought I killed myself or something and ran in I swear before the door even hit the floor. He was pretty shook up all morning. Opps!

Then Simeon and I went to lunch over at Gustav’s by Lincoln Tower and had some lovely food (complete with green beer for St. Patrick’s Day!) and just enjoyed each others company. It was very nice. Sim was totally flirty and we just laughed through the entire lunch (“Is it twitching now?” “No.” “How about now?”). Then as I was pulling out of the parking lot, I paused to turn right onto Greenburg Road to let a pedestrian cross the street. Just as I stepped on the gas to drive forward I heard this great screeching and crunching metal. I looked in my rearview mirror as I pulled away to see that the car RIGHT BEHIND ME had just had its front fender ripped off by the car behind them trying to drive past. I couldn’t believe it. I was THIS CLOSE to that being me in the crumpled car. I guess this goes to show that those drivers in the Lincoln Tower parking lot really are crazy (except you Carole darling, you are an angel). I did have my suspicions.

Now to finish off my St. Patty’s day, I plan to have a nice calm movie night with Erin while Simeon is at the CFUG meeting. Do you think anything else will go wrong? Erin, honey, you better watch out….or at the very least bring your First Aid kit!!

Things actually said over dinner last night

“I will so stop at the nunnery. I am not kidding.”

“So it all comes back to Salem.”

“If you put Megan and I together we make a whole ass. Awwww.”

“We were the dealers too, but we were the gangsters.”

“If you are gonna be the slut, be the head slut.”
“I told the other sluts what to do!”

“Oregonians are the nicest sons-a-bitches.”

“We went to buy parts for the truck I DON’T EVEN HAVE.”

“Just tell him you’ll pimp his ride when he gets outta jail.”

“Why are you laughing? You were just assaulted!”

“So help me God if he gets me a vacuum for my birthday, he is sleeping on the couch.”

“They are gay for each other. It works for them.”

“Something about Fred Meyer just makes me wanna let go.”

“He leaves the house when I have to poop.”
“Really? I totally fart on his face!”

“Well if the baby is black we’ll know.”

“There is a dick on my face, isn’t there?”

“Do you know what that says? It’s ‘balls’ in Filipino, French, and Spanish.”

Thanks ladies for a fabulous time!! Oh and Megan, thanks for helping me with all the quotes. You are a rockstar!

If you want to see more pictures, you can go here: Wednesday Night Dinner.


Happy Anniversary!!

March 15, 2004 was officially the day I started blogging. I can’t even believe it’s been a year already. I feel like I haven’t really done much in the last year, but because of this very blog, I am able to go back and actually see all the things I have done. And the beauty of it is, so can you! So go ahead. Pull up a chair, dust off your monitor, and take a trip down memory lane.

And since I always feel better after a little freshening up, I thought why not throw in a new look to top things off? Make it all shiny and new again. You likey?

Weekend Pictoral Recap

Seattle was great. Vacations are fabulous. Friends make everything better. And I am relying on the old “a picture is worth a thousand words” expression to say the rest. Good-night all!

Things actually said over dinner tonight

“Oh shit. You said vegetable.”

“There should be a children’s book called Squirrels with Guns. It could be on the shelf next to Everybody Poops and Paddington Bear.”

“You know, when I was off.”
“Off your rocker?”

“Oh the consuela is strong with this one.”

“Can someone be orally dyslexic?”

“And that is the cue for me to go downstairs with the guys.”

“Do you re-use your satchel?”

“Skotch. That will be the word of the day tomorrow.”

“What do you mean? New Yorkers don’t have accents.”

“That was my boob. What are you the Nick-of-the-dog-world?”

“That was too sweet for me.”
“That’s because you have a sour soul.”

Happy Birthday Ellie!

Today my little girl turns 4.
It’s hard to imagine that Simeon and I have had her for that long. It seems like just yesterday we picked her out of the litter of eleven. She was special from the very beginning. The way she waddled across the floor to lick Simeon’s foot. We knew she was the one for us.

Things actually said over dinner tonight

“Oh! Pardon my nipples.”

“Don’t worry, those are functional now.”

“I can’t believe no one picked my ‘pile of pillows.'”

“You mean I have to say ‘erection’ five more times?”

“Just wait until he gets really mad. He turns purple.”

“Ahhhhh. Shwetty balls. Good times.”

(Phil & Chelle, feel free to let me know if I left anything out!)