11 Year Doctor Appointment

Ana had her 11-year doctor appointment today. Here are her stats from the appointment:

Height: 5′ 1.93″ (96nd percentile)
Weight: 115 lbs 6.4 oz (93rd percentile)
BMI: 21.16 (87th percentile)
Blood Pressure: 110/70
Pulse: 90

When we checked in to Ana’s appointment, for the first time ever there were forms that Ana needed to complete. I took my clipboard and handed her one of her own. There were mostly questions about depression, safety, body imagine, etc. to make sure she isn’t feeling any unusual levels of emotions during this typically unstable time of adolescents. I’m happy they are checking but it made me so sad that it is even necessary.

Ana’s 11 Year Appt

Ana did it again. She had another big growth spurt. The doctor reconfirmed his theory that girls her age don’t typically have that big of a growth spurt this early and that she is growing faster than normal. This means she will likely be done growing sooner. Last year the doctor thought she may grow to be 5’6″ but now he said it’s looking closer to 5’9″. I believe it. Just look at this kids legs!

Ana’s 11 Year Appt

Ana and the doctor talked about all the things she is doing to stay healthy (eating fruits/veggies, staying active, and avoiding too much screen time) as well as monitoring her calcium and Vitamin D. She’s an avid milk drinker so he thinks she is great on calcium but we likely need to supplement her daily multi-vitamin with additional Vitamin D to help her body actually absorb all that calcium. Then it was time to talk vaccinations. She got her flu shot at Hadley’s annual appointment in November but she still had to get three today: Meningococcal, Tdap, and HPV. She took it like a champ and even smiled through the pain (and for the picture).

Ana’s 11 Year Appt

Then we were sent on our way with a clean bill of health and told to keep up the good work!

All the First Days

One of my favorite things about Facebook is that it likes to remind me of “On this day” posts from previous years. But for things like the first day of school, those aren’t all going to be on the same day, so I get them in random order. And you all know how I like things to be in proper order. So here we are. A collection of all the “first day of school” photos, in chronological order.

Ana’s first day of Preschool:
Ana's First Day of Preschool

Ana’s first day of Pre-K:
First Day of Pre-K

Ana’s first day of Kindergarten:
Ready to go!

Ana’s first day of 1st Grade:
Ana First Day of 1st Grade

Ana’s first day of 2nd Grade:
Ana First Day of 2nd Grade

Ana’s first day of 3rd Grade:
Ana First Day of 3rd Grade

Ana’s first day of 4th Grade:
Ana First Day of 4th Grade

Ana’s first day of 5th Grade:
Ana First Day of 5th Grade

Hadley’s first day of Preschool:
Hadley first day of preschool

Hadley’s first day of Pre-K:
Hadley First Day of Pre-K

Hadley’s first day of Kindergarten:
Hadley First Day of Kindergarten

Hadley’s first day of 1st Grade:
Hadley First Day of 1st Grade

And just because I love the side-by-sides:
Ana 3rd Grade, Hadley Pre-K

Ana 4th, Hadley Kindergarten

Hadley 1st, Ana 5th

Ten Year Doctor Appointment

Ana had her ten-year doctor appointment today. Here are her stats from the appointment:

Height: 4′ 10.11″ (92nd percentile)
Weight: 88 lbs 9.6 oz (82nd percentile)
BMI: 18.45 (73rd percentile)
Blood Pressure: 100/70
Pulse: 100

Ten Year Dr Appt

According to her numbers Ana has had a recent growth spurt. The doctor said girls her age don’t typically have that big of a growth spurt this early so he thinks she may be growing a little faster than normal which may mean she will be done growing sooner. I said she was following right in my footsteps because I grew early and was done by 8th grade. He thinks she is right on track for that but may only reach 5’6″ (I’m 5’8″). I’m holding out that she can at least grow to be taller than her Aunt Jeni and Aunt Darcie.

During her exam he noticed a little curvature to on her back. Official chart diagnosis “Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis of cervicothoracic region” but said it was very minor and we will just keep an eye on it. Otherwise there wasn’t much to note. She’s growing, she’s healthy, and that’s all we can ask for. She got her flu shot at Hadley’s annual appointment in November so she didn’t have to get any shots today! She was quite happy about that!

Nine Year Doctor Appointment

Ana had her nine-year doctor appointment today. Here are her stats from the appointment:

Height: 4′ 6.33″ (79th percentile)
Weight: 72.6 lbs (74th percentile)
BMI: 17.29 (67th percentile)
Blood Pressure: 100/60

Waiting to see the doctor.
Ana is growing right on track. They even mentioned the dreaded “p-word” (puberty) which we already knew was in our imminent future. Ana, always wanting to be prepared and know what’s going on, used her birthday money to buy the American Girl book “The Care & Keeping of You” so we’ve already discussed these, uh, changes. (If your daughter hasn’t read it, I highly recommend it.) I figure it’s best to be open and educated than learn the wrong thing on the playground!

Ana's blood draw
Anyway, back to the appointment. Since high cholesterol runs in the family, the doctor wanted to run a lipid profile to check her cholesterol. Better to be aware early than blindsided later! So Ana got to have her first blood draw! She did great and the lipid panel came back totally normal. Whew!

Got her flu shot!
The appointment wasn’t totally shot free, as she had to get a flu shot but otherwise everything was good to go!

Breaking Bones

On Friday, March 6th Ana was out playing on the trampoline. And she fell off. But before you get all high and mighty about how unsafe trampolines are, she wasn’t even being wild or dangerous. She was walking backwards and thinking she was closer to the center than she was, stepped off the side. She landed on her back but managed to break the fall with her right arm. It could of just as easily happened stepping off a curb. She was more shocked than anything else and barely cried. Simeon sent her inside to take a break (poor choice of words, in hind site) and before too long she was back to playing as if nothing had happened.

Then about an hour after we put her to bed she came downstairs crying. Thinking she had a nightmare or woke up disoriented, we comforted her and tried to get her back to sleep. We tucked her back in and gave her water (as parents do) and it wasn’t until that moment that she mentioned her arm was hurting. As we had gone through all the “wiggle your fingers,” “does this hurt?” “can you bend it?” like we see on movies or TV and everything checked out ok, I figured it was simply bruised. Maybe sprained. But since it was now close to 9:30pm the doctor’s office and Urgent Cares were all closed and the only option would have been the ER. None of us wanted to spend the night in the emergency room, so we gave Ana some Children’s Tylenol and put her to bed explaining that we would see how she felt in the morning.

The next day, Saturday, she got up and went about her day as usual and didn’t mention her arm once. We figured that was the end of it.

Sunday morning I took Ana to her sacramental prep class and I went to mass. Then we decided since it was just the two of us (Simeon and Hadley were at home) to run by the mall and do some shopping. She was happily picking out clothes to try on and it wasn’t until she was sitting on the ground trying on jeans that she tried to push herself off the ground with her right arm. She dropped to the ground, wincing in pain, and started to cry. It was then I realized that maybe it was more serious than we realized.

After a few frantic texts with Sim, I called our pediatrician’s office. They have Urgent Care hours on the weekend by appointment. Until noon. I looked at my watch and it was 12:10pm. Naturally. So I called around to the Urgent Care’s in the area to see if they had imagining. The last thing I wanted to do was take her somewhere only to be sent somewhere else for X-rays. Luckily Scholls Immediate Care was just down the road and they had imagining. It wasn’t until I walked in the door that I realized it was the same place I took Hadley for her broken leg. Ana was very nervous but they were amazing. Before we even finished checking in they told us they were ready for Ana in X-rays.

Ana's First X-Ray

The X-ray tech was awesome. He explained everything he was doing as he went so Ana would know what was happening. Then he asked her if she wanted to see her bones. Who would ever turn down that offer? So he showed her which bones made up her arm, her wrist, her finger, etc. I snapped a picture with my phone and sent it to Sim. He instantly replied back “Great! Nothing is broken!” But I replied that I didn’t know how to read x-rays so I wasn’t getting my hopes up.

Nice bones!

Then we were taken into the exam room and they took all her vitals and asked a bunch of questions. The doctor came in, looked at me, and asked Ana if she brought her fan club. I explained that I was simply the chauffeur. Then she pulled out the X-Ray and I instantly noticed the little arrows she had drawn on the paper. I uttered “Uh oh.” and Ana’s eyes opened wide in panic. I said, “Do you notice anything that wasn’t there before?” Then Ana saw it too. So the doctor explained (to Ana, since she was the patient, after all) that children’s bones aren’t hard like adult bones. They are soft because they are still growing. And since her bones were soft, they can break and not be as obvious as a crack or line on an X-ray. In Ana’s case, she pointed to the little “bumps” on the outside of her radius bone (one of the large bones in the forearm) on the X-ray, her bones were leaking microscopic amounts of fluid. They consider this a fracture. Since it wasn’t a severe break, all we needed to do was to stabilize it with a splint or a cast. The doctor was incredible. In my experience, people tend to dismiss children and talk over them. But she talked TO HER and explained everything so Ana knew what was happening. She didn’t dumb it down or talk down to her. She just told it like it was. It put Ana at ease and I was very impressed with the doctor’s bedside manner.


Then we were given instructions to follow up with a orthopedic specialist but until then Ana needed to wear a temporary splint. A nurse came in and wrapped Ana up.

Getting a temporary splint

Ana smiled and giggled through the entire process.

Splinted up with her X-Ray

We weren’t able to get an appointment with the doctor until Tuesday afternoon. The splint was cumbersome and left her right hand nearly useless. Ana had to do everything (eating, writing, etc.) left handed. Let’s just say, we were very anxious to see the doctor.

Enjoying the waiting room fish
Synchronized sipping

Since we had already taken X-rays we just had to wait for the orthopedist to make a decision about what to do next. He came in and talked with Ana and explained that she would need to wear a cast for one month. It would stabilize her arm and allow it to properly heal.

Waiting to talk to the orthopedist

Now it was time for the fun part! She got to pick out the color cast she wanted from a bright necklace of cast samples. Ana quickly decided on purple. She declared it was a lucky cast color.

She picked a purple cast

The tech slid a sleeve over Ana’s arm and proceeded to apply the cast material, shaping and molding as she went. Hadley and I got to just sit back and watch the show.

Prepping for her cast
Putting on the cast

We had to admit, the purple cast was pretty badass.

Pretty purple cast
All patched up!

After wearing that wrapped splint for several days, Ana was thoroughly impressed with the increased mobility the cast offered. The tech purposefully applied it low on/around her hand so she would be able to use it. As soon as we got into the car, Ana put it to the test and happily reported she could write with her right hand again!

She can still write!

Our next stop was Fred Meyer to pick up some Sharpie’s (metallic colors, since the cast was so dark) so her friends could decorate her cast. This girl was feeling the love and every single inch was filled with friends wishing her well.

Signing Ana's cast
Graffiti Love

Skip ahead to one month later (and numerous skipped baths) it was time to get her cast off! We had the same friendly tech who, upon seeing Ana’s nervous expression, explained that it was a special tool that just vibrated enough to cut through the cast but NOT skin. She even demonstrated on her own arm. It was loud like a vacuum and made Ana giggle through the entire process. Before we knew it, the cast was off! And Ana was free…to wash her hand for the first time in a month! She promptly washed (twice) and was feeling much better!

Cutting Off the Cast
The Cut-Off Cast

Then she was sent off to take another set of X-rays to make sure everything was better. So we waited for the doctor to come back with the verdict.

Snuggles Waiting for the X-Ray

He came in and proclaimed Ana’s arm healed! But he said she still needed to take it easy for awhile longer. He wanted her to wear a brace for the next month when she was at school or playing, simply as a reminder to her–and her friends–to protect her arm. But she was happy to hear she could take it off to shower and sleep.

Brace Time

I was very impressed by the whole situation. It could have been so much worse and we really got off easy. I’m mostly impressed with Ana for being so brave and handling it all like a rockstar.

Charlotte’s Web

Ana has been in a beginning drama class at Journey Theater Arts Group in Beaverton since January. Tonight, to wrap up the session, her class performed a final “showcase” of Charlotte’s Web. Ana was cast as Charlotte. It was her first time ever performing in front of an audience and she was nervous but you would never have known. She did an amazing job and I am so proud of her. (Pardon the wobbly recording; I was holding my iPhone up in the air in an attempt to see more of the show while Hadley was sitting on my lap!) Enjoy!

Eight Year Doctor Appointment

Ana had her eight-year doctor appointment on Thursday. (Between the delay with her six year appointment and her pediatrician passing away this year, she never had a seven year appt.) Here are her stats from the appointment:

Height: 51.57″ (71st percentile)
Weight: 60.2 lbs (63th percentile)
BMI: 16 (53th percentile)
Blood Pressure: 100/72

8 Year Check Up
Ana was a little nervous about having a new doctor, but having been to her sister’s appointment last month she was a little more at ease. He came in and asked her a bunch of standard questions (Do you wear a bike helmet? Yes. Do you eat fruits and veggies? Yes. When do you go to bed and wake up? 8pm, 6:45am Do you play sports? Soccer, swimming, biking, running. What is your favorite things about school? Math, science, spelling.) which she responded very thoroughly. They talked back and forth for several minutes and then he looked at me and said, “well, I am obviously not concerned about her. Clearly she is just perfect. I don’t even have anything to recommend!” Then he gave her a “healthy high five!”

Ana was very happy to find out she didn’t need any immunizations at this appointment and ecstatic to find out she won’t get one until she is 11! But both girls did have to get flu shots so the appointment wasn’t entirely without needles. Ana didn’t think it was a big deal. Hads on the other hand left the office in tears. Oh well. You can’t win ’em all.

The First Day of First Grade

I love this time of year. The weather is starting to cool off, the return of Pumpkin Spice to Starbucks, and, of course, Back to School. I love having everything new, clean, and crisp. Fresh folders, newly sharpened pencils, and shoes free of scuff marks. I try hard to make the transition from the freedom (or chaos. Whatever.) of summer to the structure and routine of fall to be exciting for my girls. If Ana’s attitude about today was any indication, I have truly succeeded at my mission. She was so excited to start school today and I could not be happier to have such an amazing FIRST GRADER.

Ready for the first day of school
Ready for school.

Traditional pic by the sign.
Standing next to the SPX sign. She has gotten so tall!

Sitting at her own desk
In her very own desk.

Then once we got home from an amazing first day, (“Mom! It was awesome. I love everything about First Grade!”) Ana and I sat down for our annual first day of school interview:

First Day Interview
All in all, it was a great first day of school. She can’t wait to go back.

Ana’s First Lost Tooth

Ana was convinced she was NEVER going to lose her first tooth. Then today happened!
Ana's last smile with all her baby teeth.
All the blood. So gross!

And it’s OUT!!
Tooth out. Bloody smile.
Ana's first lost tooth

We kept the tooth safe in a baggie and Ana declared we needed to read the Tooth Fairy book for bedtime. Sounds good to me!
Tooth is in a baggie. Time to read about the Tooth Fairy.
Ana wasn’t sure about having the Tooth Fairy come into her room while she was asleep so she opted to hang her tooth pillow outside of her bedroom door.
Hanging her tooth pillow outside of her door.
Placing her tooth in the pillow.
Nice and safe inside.
Ready for the Tooth Fairy!

The next morning we discovered the Tooth Fairy had visited! She took Ana’s baby tooth and left in it’s place a teeny tiny envelope with a letter inside, as well as a rolled up sparkly $5 bill! Ana was thrilled!
The Tooth Fairy came!!
Ana was so excited to find this in the morning!
Checking out what the Tooth Fairy left.
The Tooth Fairy's goodies.

Six Year Doctor Appointment

Ana had her six-year doctors appointment over Spring Break. (Obviously she turned six back in December but her appointment got rescheduled when her doctor fell down a flight of stairs–he’s ok–and this was the first day off from school they had an available appointment. I’m sorry, but my kids don’t miss school for routine appointments.) Here are her stats from the appt:

Height: 47 3/4″ (75th percentile)
Weight: 50 lbs (65th percentile)
BMI: 15.4 (50th percentile)
Blood Pressure: 84/58

We started the appointment with a urine sample. Unfortunately, out of habit, I made Ana pee before we left the house so she didn’t have to go. Finally she summoned up all she could (just a few drops), looked in the plastic cup, then declared, “Well, that is really disappointing!” Oops. Fortunately they don’t need much for the test and the amount she collected was enough. Whew!

Then it was time for the ear test and the eye exam. Ana was very excited that she knows all her letters so they let her do the “grown up” eye test (with letters instead of pictures) this year. She did great on all the tests and was excited when the nurse declared her to be “perfect!”
Eye Exam
Ana was thrilled to find out that she didn’t need any immunizations at this appointment, but was a little bit bummed to find out they needed to prick her finger for the anemia test. She was brave and let them “stab” her and “steal her blood.” The nurse gave her a generic bandage which I quickly upgraded to Toy Story Band-Aid once we were in the car which quickly improved her mood about the entire situation.

Everything else at the appointment went great. Ana is off the hook for another year (well nine months, but who is counting?).