If you need me, I’ll be studying.

Well, it’s official. I have set the date to take the test for my Series 6 Securities exam. The big day is scheduled for October 6th. I will not be around much for the next few days, as I will be spending any free time I may have studying my little brain out. It’s been so long since I have taken a test with this much weighing on it, that I am really starting to feel the pressure. Wish me luck!

Drawing attention to ones chest

Being fairly well endowed, you would typically assume I would not need any help drawing attention to my chest. However, today I think the Powers That Be thought I needed a little assistance. While driving to work this morning I splattered coffee all over my shirt. (I keep trying to blame Simeon for filling the cup too full, or putting the lid on wrong, but I’m pretty sure I did it all to myself. Sorry Sim!) So today when I catch people not looking me in the eyes when they talk to me, I can’t blame my breasts. I have to attribute it to my lack of grace.

Movin’ and a Shakin’

There has been a lot of talk in the news lately about recent earthquakes from
Mount St. Helen’s. I was reading over at Adventure Journalist and I thought I’d pass along some of this info to you all as well. You know, just in case you’d like to check out any recent earthquakes or volcanic activity.

I just think its all fascinating. That and its local, so that makes it even more interesting!

I hate it…

…when the one person you are trying to call so you can mark everything off of your To-Do list as “done” is the one person that doesn’t have call waiting. Damn busy signal.

…that my cat, Abby, has recently learned to use the dog-door. She has “escaped” and needed to be “rescued” several times over the course of the weekend.

…that I felt horrible when a client came in today for their appointment that is actually tomorrow.

…that all I can think about right now is how I wish I was at home vacuuming.
(I really need to vacuum.)

I love lists!

I found this over at Mikey’s and thought it was pretty interesting. You all know I have a thing for lists. So anyway, the things that are bolded are things I’ve done. Any commentary is in italics. Any questions? Add a comment.

1. Bought everyone in the pub a drink
2. Swam with wild dolphins
3. Climbed a mountain
4. Taken a Ferrari for a test drive
5. Been inside the Great Pyramid
6. Held a tarantula
7. Taken a candlelit bath with someone
8. Said “I love you” and meant it
9. Hugged a tree
10. Done a striptease

Finally Friday!

Good morning, happy Friday, yadda yadda yadda. I am sick. Blech! I went to bed last night feeling a cold coming on and a sore throat, so I took some NyQuil. Thank the Gods above for NyQuil! Then I woke up this morning feeling like a train wreck. I knew there wasn’t anything going on at work today, so I took some cold medicine and went back to bed for an hour. That at least took the edge off. Then I took a really hot shower so I could finally breathe a little. Making some progress. Now here I am at work, sipping on lemon tea with honey. Ahhh, relief.

I really do hope that I start feeling better. I have big plans for the weekend. Tonight Sim and I are meeting Lisa P. and Jeff at the Brooks & Dunn, Montgomery Gentry, and Gretchen Wilson concert at the Clark County Amphitheater. It’s going to be such a great concert! I loves me some country music!

Other than that, we don’t have anything special planned. Which works out really well if this cold gets any worse. I think I just need to sleep through the weekend. I wonder if that will help….

Fun with Blogthings!

You Know You’re From Oregon When…

Your children learned to walk in Birkenstocks.

You throw an aluminum can in the trash and feel guilty.

You complain about Californians as you sell your house to one for twice as much as you originally paid.

You only honk your horn if collision is imminent and never for anything else.

You consider something a “hill” (not a mountain) if it doesn’t have snow on it or has not recently erupted, regardless of its altitude.

You consider “etiquette” a foreign word.

Most of your friends are from California.

You find a wallet with $500 and give it back to the owner.

You used to live somewhere else but won’t admit it publicly.

You’ve ever ordered a half caff/decaf, nonfat mocha grande with sugar-free cranberry whip (or you know what it is).

You know a bride & groom that registered at REI.

If someone ran your car off the highway, you might drown.

You’d be miffed if the store was out of your favorite brand of water.

Every day is casual Friday.

Hear the word “ferry” and think of boats and long waits.

Know at least eight people who work for Intel or Nike, or used to work for Tektronix.

You think skiing always means being covered from head to toe, in snow or water.

Know that Boring is a town and not just a state of mind.

Have actually used your mountain bike on a mountain.

You design your kid’s Halloween costume to fit under a raincoat.

You return from a California vacation depressed because “all the grass was dead.”

Remember the date, severity, time of day, where you were, and how long you were out of power and phone service for every winter weather event in the last five years.

Have ever called your insurance agent to ask if your homeowner’s policy covers falling trees, flooding, or mud slides.

You never go camping without waterproof matches, ponchos, and mattress pads that double as flotation devices.

You believe swimming is not a sport but a survival skill to prevent boating deaths.

You own more than 10 articles of clothing that have the names of microbreweries/brewpubs printed on them.

You think downtown is “scary” because you were panhandled there, once.

You replace your hiking boots with Birkenstock or Teva sandals when the weather gets above 60 degrees.

You believe people who use umbrellas are wimps or Californians, or both.

More cool things for your blog

The pain and the hobbling

Yesterday I went to the podiatrist to have a procedure done on my left foot. While the procedure itself was not painful at all, the after math has been crippling. I am in SO. MUCH. PAIN.

I started out the day falling in the shower trying to wash my non-injured foot by propping myself up on the injured foot, which so did not work. Then I was trying to put my pants on and Ellie (my black lab, for those of you that are new) decided at that moment to come rub up against me, knocking me into my closet door. Also not fun. Then I tried on every pair of shoes I own to see which would hurt less to wear. As you may have guessed it, every single pair was a living nightmare! The pain. The anguish. So I sucked it up and put on my brown Nine West heels. I may as well be cute, right?

As soon as I got to work and hobbled around I was in so much pain it was intolerable. I finally admitted defeat and took the damn shoes off. It was really good planning on my part to wear nice, cute socks that matched my outfit, since it was all everyone saw for the rest of the day. Having my shoes off was so much better, but still kinda painful walking on my foot. I have been alternating between walking on my heel and walking on my big toe. Either way gets too straining on my calf muscles if I do it too much, so I try to vary it.

In summary: My name is Carrie. I am in pain. But at least I have cute socks.


Today is our second wedding anniversary. I cannot believe that is has already been two years since we got married. I know it seems miniscule now, but I like to think of it as a jumping off point. I have always known I would marry him, kind of like you know when you find the perfect outfit. It just fits. In fact, for his birthday the first year we were dating I bought him an ID bracelet (be nice, they were in back then!) inscribed with “The start of forever.”

Our Wedding Day

To celebrate the occasion, I thought I would tell the story of how Simeon and I found each other. (I love you, Simeon. You make every day better than the last. And for that I am eternally grateful!)