Talking with her Phone

Ana has a little pink Disney Princesses phone which has a few recorded messages that play depending on which button she presses. Since she is always talking on some phone (pretending to use my iPhone, using her play phones or talking on my old no-longer-working cell phone) it’s nice to occasionally have some that respond when she talks. This morning Ana and her princess phone got into a little bit of a argument. Behold:

“Please come to a party at the castle!” squeaks the phone.
To which Ana replies, “But I’m not at the castle.”
Ana pushes the button again and the phone chimed, “Hello there. I’m Aurora!”
Ana, a little irritated that her comment was ignored, says, “Where’s the castle?”
Ana then squeezes the phone a little too hard and it doesn’t get to finish it’s message before having to start again. As a result the phone stammers, “Don’t–don’t–don’t–don’t–don’t you just love being a princess?”
Thoroughly unimpressed with her phone’s ability to uphold it’s end of the conversation, Ana throws it down on the ground and walks away.

First Visit to the Dentist

I’ll be the first to admit that I actually like going to the dentist. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I have never had a root canal, braces, or the need for any painful dental work. I haven’t had so much as a cavity. So for me, the dentist is just a nice little pat on the back. My husband however, has had the opposite dental experience. His family never really took care of their teeth and as a result we have spent several years and countless dollars trying to fix Sim’s teeth. Therefore he has a great fear of the dentist. To him the dentist equals pain, drilling, and anxiety. He and I have decided we would really like Ana to follow in my dental footsteps and make going to the dentist a positive experience.

On Monday, June 15th, Simeon had a dentist appointment to fix a root canal that had been bothering him and kept him in bed for several days (turns out they only fixed two of the four roots at our old dentist office–where we will NOT be going back). Knowing he was in a lot of pain, and scared of what they were going to do to him, Ana and I went with him to his appointment. I wasn’t sure if he would even be able to drive himself (there or home!). We took him to the dentist where my sister, Jeni, works and where we plan to take Ana. Knowing this, they informed me that they had an opening in the schedule and they could actually see Ana while we waited for Sim to finish his appointment.

Ana was a little nervous, but I think she was more excited than anything. We had been talking about taking her to the dentist for quite awhile, so she already had an idea of what to expect. But no one was more surprised than me when Ana just climbed right up in the chair and became the model patient.

Ana listened as the dental hygienist explained what she was going to do.

They even had pink “bibs” much to Ana’s delight!

Ana looking at her teeth in the different mirrors.

She got to wear special heart shaped glasses to protect her eyes from the lights.

They counted Ana’s teeth. (She has 20.)

Then the dentist examined all her teeth.

Ana got her teeth cleaned with special strawberry toothpaste.

We practically had to bribe Ana to pick a prize for being such a good patient, she thought the Cinderella toothbrush and her very own toothpaste were prize enough!

A Letter: Thirty Months

Dear Ana,
Today you turn thirty months old, and now we will be telling the truth when we tell people that you are “two and a half” whenever someone asks your age. Although you are always quick to add, “I’m gonna have a birthday! In December! And then I am gonna be THREE!!” Which of course, is accompanied by you thrusting three tiny fingers into their face. The thought of being three excites you to no end, but I have to admit the thought of how quickly you are growing up truly scares me. Can’t you just slow down a bit?!

The big news this month is that we finally got around to painting your “big girl” room. And we could not have done it without your help! We moved your Daddy’s office downstairs a couple months back, knowing that there would be lots of things to do to get you moved out of the nursery and into your new room. The most daunting task of all was the painting. See, the office was red and we wanted your room to be yellow. Not wanting to end up with an orange room, we had to prime everything before painting the actual color. So one week while your Daddy was out of town on business, you and I went to Home Depot and bought all the supplies we needed, then once you went to bed, I painted the ceiling and primed the entire room (your Nana even helped one night!). Then once Daddy was back, he didn’t have any excuses to help us paint and we all worked hard and got it finished over Memorial Day weekend!

Hearing horror stories from our friends and family about moving their toddlers from their crib to a bed, we had no idea what to expect with you. But as with everything else, you were amazing. You were so excited from months of us talking up your big girl bed, that you just climbed right up, told us good night and went to sleep…without escaping once! In fact, for the first week or so, you didn’t even climb out of bed once you woke up, but rather called out to me, “Mama! I woke up! I’m in my big girl bed!” until I came and got you. Now you realize it’s ok to get out of bed (once it’s time to wake up, of course) and have startled me on more than one occasion as you move quietly through the house and then all of a sudden you are beside me. Don’t you know you take years off of my life every time you sneak up on me like that?!

Since you are two and a half now, and oh-so-very-grown-up, we decided it was time we got you your very own scooter. For months you have been telling us, “when I get bigger I can have a scooter” as you stare longingly at the children scooting on by down the street. So I took you to the fancy toy store and let you pick one out. Naturally, you chose the pink one and fell in love with it instantly. You really inherited your father’s athletic ability because you jumped right on that scooter and took off without waiting for me to offer any instruction.

A couple weekends ago your Daddy took you with him to go hiking around Jenkins Estate. While you had a great time exploring the great outdoors, you kept saying, “I just can’t wait to go camping.” While the two things compliment each other very well, you don’t have to do them together. But since the weather was so nice, we thought why not?! However it happened to be Memorial Day weekend and there was almost no chance anything would still be available. So we did the next best thing; we went camping in our own back yard. We had recently bought an outdoor fire pit, so we even got to roast marshmallows before retiring to our sleeping bags for the night. While you have been camping since you were less than six months old, this was the first time we didn’t have you sleep in your Pack ‘N Play, but rather in your own sleeping bag. You would have done great if we had actually bought you an air mattress, but we skimped and just picked up a pool mattress and you kept slipping off. Around 3am, when you had fallen off for the third time, you said, “I wanna go sleep in my bed.” and we all went inside. Trust me, when we go camping for real this summer, we will make sure you have a proper air mattress since your bed will be much further than 30 feet away.

We have been having an unseasonably warm spring and several times have had the luxury of being able to play in the pool and sprinkler. I am very happy to report that your love of the water is still going strong. I was worried you might need a little coaxing to get into the water, at least initially, but I’ve actually had to resort to bribery to get you out of the water…more often than I care to admit.

When you aren’t playing outside, you are letting your imagination run wild inside. I am constantly overhearing a steady stream of narration as you go about your day. You talk to your dolls, your stuffed animals, your toys, the dogs, and more than everyone else put together, you talk to me. All day long with the talking. Don’t get me wrong, I love it, and it is my largest source of entertainment through the day. Your “Ana-isms” keep me (and most of my friends on Twitter and Facebook) laughing and smiling long after the conversation occurred. Your understanding of the world around you blows my mind and the fact that I am easily able to follow your thought process proves that you are more like me each and every day.

Not that there was any doubt that you and I have lots of things in common. You want to do everything that I am doing and are therefore always helping me with the cooking and cleaning. I figure if we start early enough by time I have another child you should be able to handle most of the cooking and cleaning on your own. I mean, you vacuum more than most men, you can make a mean pink cupcake, and can order carry out like nobody’s business. What else is there?!

While I am totally teasing about you having to run the household, I am sure you would step up to the challenge with impressive skill. You are always amazing me and pushing your limits further than I would have ever though possible for someone your age. You are the best daughter I could have ever imagined. All I can say is you’ve set the bar pretty high, kiddo. Thank you for always striving to be your personal best and making sure that, in turn, I work to be the best Mama I can be. You make me feel like I can conquer the world. And I will, Ana, I will do it all for you.

All my love,


Ana’s favorite part of the bedtime ritual is definitely story time. She loves picking out the story she wants me to read to her. Her latest obsession is the book Pinkalicious. So the other day Ana requested that we make some cupcakes. What kind of cupcakes, you ask? Pink, pink, PINK, of course!

Adding the pink food coloring.

The batter is PINK!

The cupcakes are frosted.

Daddy helped with the sprinkles.

Finger-lickin’ good!

Ana approved!