Ana’s First Lost Tooth

Ana was convinced she was NEVER going to lose her first tooth. Then today happened!
Ana's last smile with all her baby teeth.
All the blood. So gross!

And it’s OUT!!
Tooth out. Bloody smile.
Ana's first lost tooth

We kept the tooth safe in a baggie and Ana declared we needed to read the Tooth Fairy book for bedtime. Sounds good to me!
Tooth is in a baggie. Time to read about the Tooth Fairy.
Ana wasn’t sure about having the Tooth Fairy come into her room while she was asleep so she opted to hang her tooth pillow outside of her bedroom door.
Hanging her tooth pillow outside of her door.
Placing her tooth in the pillow.
Nice and safe inside.
Ready for the Tooth Fairy!

The next morning we discovered the Tooth Fairy had visited! She took Ana’s baby tooth and left in it’s place a teeny tiny envelope with a letter inside, as well as a rolled up sparkly $5 bill! Ana was thrilled!
The Tooth Fairy came!!
Ana was so excited to find this in the morning!
Checking out what the Tooth Fairy left.
The Tooth Fairy's goodies.

A Letter: Thirty-one and Thirty-two Months

Dear Hadley,
Monday you turned thirty-two months old. And since you never miss a beat, you will probably have noticed I never got around to writing your thirty one month letter. I’ll be honest, the month got away from me. We were super busy making sure you had the best possible time, filling every minute with adventures,¬†momentous¬†occasions, and puppy kisses. So I am sure you will find it in your heart to forgive me.
Smiley Girl
Swim Suit Sweetie
Watermelon Girl
Even though it’s summer time, I am doing my best to keep you on your regular routine. You are still taking a ballet class, going to Gymboree, and keeping up with our regular play groups. And man do you look forward to the activities that are geared toward YOU. You love that you have classes to attend, schedules to follow, and places to be. Anytime we drive by the Cedar Hills Rec Center (where you take dance) you always point out the window and shout, “Look! There’s my school!” with pure pride.
Pretty as a princess
Flowers for the ballerina
The big news last month was our new puppy, Lucy. You and Lucy have bonded in a way I never expected. I didn’t think you’d like the fact that you were no longer the baby in the house, but you simply adore her. Maybe it’s that you two are the littlest, maybe it’s that you are both blondes, whatever it is, it’s adorable. You are always looking out for her, playing with her, and even though she will (VERY) quickly be bigger than you, it’s obvious that you guys are best buds.
Blanket Buddies
Picking up Lucy
My Two Blondes
You want to be involved in every aspect of Lucy, from potty training, teaching her to walk on a leash, or even just playing, as you call it, Tug-A-Rope. If Lucy pauses at the door and even starts to utter a wimper, you throw open the sliding glass door, walk her outside (often in your pajamas and without shoes, but whatever) and before I have even slipped on my shoes I hear you cheering, “Good girl, Lucy! Good potty!” I think I owe a lot of her potty training success to your doting behavior. Now if only you would show as much interest in your OWN potty training, that would be impressive.
Learning to Use the Leash
But that isn’t to say that you ALWAYS like Lucy to be around. As with any best friend, you often need time apart. And you are quick to tell Lucy to go away (with your words, or just by pushing her away if it comes to that) if you need some space. We also found out that you don’t deal with watching Lucy eat or seeing her poop. Both events will cause you to instantly start dry heaving, and if we aren’t able to distract you in time, you will vomit. Yeah. We learned that one the hard way.
Pushing Lucy Away
Last month our family went to the Tigard Festival of Balloons. We got up at the crack of dawn to watch the balloons launch in the morning and stuck around to check out a few of the balloons. We waited in the Longest. Line. Ever. but your patience was rewarded because you were able to actually go up in a hot air balloon! It was tethered to the field, so the risk was minimal, but the experience was beyond anything you can imagine. I wasn’t sure how you would react to being that far off the ground, but you just looked around in amazement with the biggest smile plasted across your face. Needless to say it was an amazing day.
Hot Air Balloon Time
Hot Air Balloon Ride
Peeking Over the Edge
Up in the Air
Last week was the 4th of July, which in our house, reaches a level of excitement on par with Christmas. Since the weather was perfect, we were able to go to the beach, play in the sand, jump around in the waves, roast marshmallows, then relax around the campfire as the fireworks explode over the ocean in front of us. Yeah. It’s as perfect as it sounds.
Playing in the Sand
Running through the sand
It’s already been a fun-filled couple months, and the summer is only just beginning. We have many adventures ahead of us, experiences to treasure, milestones to meet, and love to be shared. I am so happy that we are blessed to have the life we do, where we are able to spend so much time together as a family. No matter what is ahead of us, as long as you are by my side, I know everything will be perfect.
Run Like a Mother
All my love,