The (family) Players

10. My Family-The breakdown

  • Larry- My Dad- The busiest man on the face of the earth. I have to schedule appointments months in advance to see him…that is unless I stalk him by dropping by his work, or as I like to call it, “his home away from home.” I have learned every ounce of determination, dedication, and drive (like the alliteration?) from this man. Some people call it obsessive compulsive, but we won’t accept anything less. If you don’t like it, tough.
  • Patsy- My Mom- The sweetest, most understanding person I know. She is always there for me when I need her. She is slowly teaching me all the domestic things she knows. I’m aspiring to cook as well as her (and believe me, Simeon loves it when I practice!) and maintain the cleanest household, however I think the sewing and gardening gene must skip generations!
  • Jeni- My Sister- She is the sibling I can relate to most. She is one of my best friends. We have very similar personality traits (but she did get the gardening gene!). BJ, is her handy husband, and together they have created the most beautiful children: Emmitt, Emily and Hayden.
  • Greg- My Brother- He always makes for interesting family gathering! He likes to “stir things up” and have heated discussions. He’s backed down with me over the years; as I can actual defend my positions now! He is the only person I know in real life that actually wraps presents in comics. He now has a lovely wife Amy, who brought Maile, Nicholas and TJ to our family, as well as their children together, Hannah and Benjamin.
  • Darcie- My Lil’ Sister- She is the trouble maker in the family. She is very hot tempered and filled with energy. She has a very short attention span and changes her life path every time I see her. She is also the hardest person to track down. Short of installing a tracking device into her skull, I fear this will always be the norm with her. But she is my little sister and I love her anyway.

11. Simeon’s family

  • Steve- Sim’s Dad- He is quite the Jack-of-all-Trades. His life has taken him on many different paths and I intend to utilize them all! Whenever anything breaks (or starts making weird noises) Sim scampers off and calls his dad to save the day. He can be a very sweet, but don’t mess with the man’s Tequila!
  • Jesse- Sim’s Lil’ Bro- I have been luck enough to watch Jesse grow up over the years. I first met him as a free-spirited boy, and have watched him evolve into quite the young man. He is also he musical member of our joined families. He can honestly pick up (or sit down at, as the case may be) any musical instrument and figure out how to make music. I have the musical abilities of a rock, so I am very privileged to know that my future children have a chance at musical talent. Oh and he is very excited for Sim and I to start a family.

The Players

Here is just a little about those I may mention on this site:

1. Me (check out the whole About Me section if you don’t know already.)

2. Simeon -My loving husband. He is the “man behind the screen” on this website. He is slowly teaching me how to figure all this stuff out and helping me up my geek quota.

3. Ellie (short for Electron)-My first canine furbaby. Ellie is the most beautiful black lab I have ever seen. We just celebrated her 3rd birthday on March 9, 2004. She is a Frisbee catching machine and will play fetch for hours. Oh and she makes a wonderful pillow.

4. Molly (short for molecule)-My youngest furbaby, and our second black lab. We brought her home September 4, 2003 and she will celebrate her first birthday on July 10, 2004. She is the cuddliest dog on the planet and don’t even try and convince her she is not a lap dog. Her fur is as soft as a rabbit and the pads of her feet feel like silk…I love to tickle them!

5. Abby (short for Absolut, as in the vodka–I love the ads)-Our very first pet! We adopted Abby in October of 1999, when she was abandoned on our doorstep. She is very shy cat and is timid around new people. But when she wants to be loved and cuddled, there is no denying her! She is currently the only one sleeping in our guest room, as she has claimed it as her own.

6. Frodo-Another adopted cat, and the third in the pet order. He came to live with us when our friends moved into an apartment that wouldn’t allow pets. He came with a few quirks as a result of their raising him during the critical period (his name, for example, we had no choice in this matter). He is very lively, loves to play tug-o-war, and propel himself off the fireplace mantle at whoever happens to be walking by.

7. Heather-My best friend. We have been friends since she moved here from England in the 6th grade, mostly because I wanted to talk to the “girl with the cool accent.” She recently moved far, far away (ok, so only to Bellingham, WA) with her husband, Barney, and decided to procreate. She comes back and visits occasionally, but not nearly enough.

8. Barney– I first met Barney on the Seaside High School swim team, where he swam with our school because Warrenton didn’t have a team. Simeon and Barney became friends at CCC and haven’t stopped causing trouble since. Simeon and I convinced Barney and Heather to double date (as friends) with us to prom. A few years later they started dating and finally got married August 2002. Our lives continue to further intertwine themselves every day.

9. Lindsay-The adorable offspring of Heather and Barney. She is very cute and is growing at warp speed! Due to her parental lineage, she has no idea what an interesting future is in store for her!

10. Family…to be continued