Swimming Lessons

I just sent Ana out the door for her first swimming lessons without me.

Don’t get me wrong, she isn’t in a class by herself…yet (that’s not until she is three years old). But she is taking this class with her daddy. I thought it would be good for them to have more “father-daughter” things to do together. And the two of them could not be more excited.

Simeon and I started talking about which classes to sign Ana up for weeks ago. It was then that we made the mistake of letting Ana overhear us talk about swimming lessons (Toddler and Me Swimming) and ballet class (Tip Toes and Munchkin Ballet). So every day since then she has been asking, “I go to cwass ta-day?” Finally today is that day.

(Ana was very excited that she had Little Mermaid on her swim suit AND her socks telling me, “It’s the same!” and refused to take them off for the picture.)

A Trio of Videos

Since Mondays pretty much suck, I thought I would do my part to make them a little more tolerable. Here are three videos of Ana. I only remember to unload the files off my Flip every once in awhile so sorry for not spreading out the videos more. The first one is Sim and Ana playing with a remote control helicopter. The two of them could play with that thing all day: Ana running around squealing, the dogs hiding in fear, and Sim crashing it into, well, everything. Thankfully the battery life is pretty short and it takes awhile to recharge so my house actually gets a reprieve.

The second video is Ana learning how to pedal on her little trike. Only recently could her tiny legs even reach the pedals, so we are really excited that she’s finally figuring it all out. The only trouble is that she can go really fast when she pushes with her feet, so she still prefers speed to the prestige of pedaling. Oh well, as long as she possesses the skill, who cares if she uses it, right?

The last video is of Ana being a ballerina. Lately she started saying she wanted to “sing and dance like a ballerina” so we picked up a leotard, flowy skirt, and some ballet slippers for her to play around in. We put them on her the other day and she just could not stop dancing around the house. It was simply precious.

Too Long For Twitter

While driving home from dinner tonight, Ana was digging through her Dora backpack of toys when she found her long lost Toy Story pretend phone. The following (one-sided) conversation ensued:

Helwo Jeni…How you doin’ today?…Oh you doin’ good….You watchin’ a movie?…With blankets on?

When she noticed I was watching her she said, “Mama, I just talkin’ to Jeni. She doin’ good.

Then she quickly dismissed me and continued to talk to her Aunt Jeni on the phone, “Oh ok…How’s Hayden?…He feelin’ better…He in school righ’ now?…Ok…Bye!