A Keynote Speaker

Ok, so you all know that I think my husband is a pretty cool guy, right? I guess I kinda have to legally and all that jazz. But the word on the street (or rather the Internet) is that he has done some pretty cool things with CFEclipse. In fact, he even spoke at the keynote address (along with Ben Forta and Tim Buntel) at CFUnited. Yeah. MY HUSBAND. He spoke in front of some 900 people and called me shortly after to tell me how great the whole presentation went. People were excited! Then when I actually got to a computer (I was getting some coffee on the way to work) I looked it up, and sure enough. There he was. If you wanted to check him out, you could do that here or here. (Thanks to Jeff Coughlin for the video.) Good job Sim!! Now you can relax, drink some more beer, and geek it up!!


…I dropped Simeon off at the airport only 8 hours ago and I am already out of things to do.

…I am very easily entertained by the flight tracking sites awaiting Simeon’s safe arrival in Washington DC, but it may be bordering on obsession, so I need to watch it.

…I will be the first to admit, when left to my own devices, I cannot be held accountable for the sudden disappearance of all things Ben & Jerry in my freezer. Particularly, Frozen Yogurt Phish Food. Mmmmmm….

…I didn’t think it was possible, but daytime television has gotten worse than I remember. Once again, another reason why I am incredibly thankful for TiVo.

Help me understand

Ok, I need some help understanding something. Panhandlers. Particularly the ones who stand on the freeway on ramps. You know the ones; they wear their dirtiest, most ragged clothes, put on a pathetic face and hold a cardboard sign saying something like, “Injured Vet. Need food, work, or money. God Bless.” or “Everyone needs a little help sometimes.”

Today I was driving on to Hwy 217 and there was a teenager dressed in his nicest suit, sporting a cocky smile and holding a (very well made, I might add) sign that said, “Need money for college.” Are you kidding me? Why would any one give him money? I would rather give the guy on the next on ramp down my spare change. After all, he does have a pretty skinny dog I wouldn’t mind supporting.

Where do you all stand on this issue? Am I alone in this?

Happiness is….

I got some office supplies in the mail today (and you all know how I loves me some office supplies) and one of the things I ordered was a highlighter. Just your basic run-of-the-mill highlighter. Only I wanted a thinner tip, you know, for my precision highlighting needs, so I got a different “model” than I normally do. When it arrived today, I couldn’t figure out how to open it. Then it dawned on me. The highlighter is retractable. Retractable. How freakin’ cool is that?!?

It’s the simple things in life really. God, I am so easy to please. 😉

A letter

Dear evil bitch at the movies,

Who the hell do you think you are? Are you so far above the rest of us that you think we all need to accommodate your every wish? Yes, I got to the theater 30 minutes before it was suppose to start because I knew, with Grand Opening celebrations and $1 admission, the place was going to be packed. (That and I actually enjoy watching The Twenty. So what?) But what I don’t understand is why you think when you come in two minutes to show time that I will just move over and let you have my seat? Hell no. I picked this seat for a reason, and I am not about to move.


P.S. Oh and the girls three seats down TOTALLY agreed with me. So there!

The Beauty of Ballooning

Whew. Somehow I managed to survive the last week and tell about it. I have been so busy that I barely have time to do anything, much less blog. My apologies. Last week was the Tigard Festival of Balloons and I managed to drag my butt out of bed each day at 4:15am to work the crew.

To be honest, each day as my alarm went off, I swore I would never do this again. I mean what was I thinking? Giving up on precious sleep to go and work before actually going into the office. I had to be crazy. But by the time I pulled into the parking lot, my blood was flowing and I was ready to help.

Whether I was holding the control lines during the cold inflation, velcroing the crown, helping weight the basket, or “milking” the envelope when it was time to pack things up, I was happy to be there. The entire process amazes me and when I am there, I can’t think of a single place I would rather be.

Then when all the hard “work” (I feel guilty even calling it work because its so fun, but my muscles are definitely feeling it today!) is done, the fun and excitement begins. Once the pilot is given the ok, they are ready to take off.

Then the crew packs up the truck and finally has a moment to look around and bask in the beauty that has unfolded around them. Half the time we are so busy with the balloon we are launching that you don’t realize the sheer number of balloons there actually are until you look around and the sky is filled with bright balloons.

Now it’s chase time. I was so excited that this year we were blessed with good weather and light winds so I could chase a balloon. Since Saturday was Simeon’s birthday (Happy 28th Sweetie!!) Becky and I convinced our pilot to take him up for his first ever hot air balloon ride. He was so excited!! As Sim rose into the atmosphere we loaded up into the truck to chase him down. Armed with walkie-talkies and cell phones (some pilots have CBs) we tracked the balloons path. After a few sudden turns and managing to avoid dead end streets, we found an area (mostly) free of power lines with a large enough area to land. Thankfully our pilot Laurie tossed out the drop line and we gently lead them to a nice sticker bush free patch of ground.

Then we packed the balloon and basket back into the truck and celebrated Simeon’s first flight. Paul, Laurie’s husband did the customary ceremony starting with the history of ballooning and ending with the Balloonist Prayer and a toast. There is nothing like a couple glasses of champagne before 8:00am!

Then we returned to the festival, gathered our friends and headed to breakfast. After all, it was nearly 9am! Then everyone went their separate ways to enjoy the rest of the day. We returned to the festival around dusk to enjoy the Balloon Glow and the fireworks.

Its amazing to think that the propane that allows the balloon to glow is also the magic ingredient that allows it to take flight. I understand the physics behind it, but it never ceases to take my breath away when I see it.

Simeon was thrilled to not only have gotten to take his first flight on his birthday, but to have a celebration that ends in fireworks could not have been more perfect. We enjoyed the warm summer weather and the gorgeous sights around it. It was amazing.

Happy Birthday Pie. I hope you enjoyed all the trouble I went through to make this the most memorable birthday yet. And I couldn’t have done it without the help of our wonderful friend Becky. Thanks.

Oh and there are way, WAY more pictures in the Balloon Festival Glow and Balloon Festival/Father’s Day gallery. Enjoy.


One would think that in light of the fact that my boss and my husband recently abandoned me, I would start to get used to it. But no. This time its different. This time its permanent. This time its Erin.

Erin is leaving me. Today is her last day at work. She starts a new job on Monday and my work-life will slowly start to deteriorate because of it. *sigh* She claims things will not change. But we all know its a lie. I mean who am I gonna have lunch with everyday? Who is gonna leave their water bottle on my desk 5 times a day? Who is gonna have entire conversations with me using purely emoticons? Who is going to have an IM staring contest with me? 😐 Who is gonna remind me that “almonds are better than cheesecake?” (Cause left alone, I will totally eat the cheesecake.) Who is going to accompany me to the mall on a regular basis and tell me “yes, those pink shoes would be fabulous on you” and stop my from buying another basic black pair?

I could go on and on and on about all the things that only Erin can do, but I think you get the point. I just have to deal with the fact that everyone leaves me. History has proven this. Heather moved to Corvallis to get away from me and when that wasn’t far enough she moved to freakin’ Bellingham. Practically Canada!! Then Carole went and moved back home to the beach. What is next?? Am I going to have to start making friends with boys?? Ewwww!

Bragging Rights

I just wanted to share that my husband is one popular guy. While he was in Newton, (Boston, for those of us not familiar with the area) his friend Steven was so excited to see Simeon he whipped out his camera phone and snapped a picture of him. And here is the proof! Ya gotta love it when pictures of your husband start poppin’ up on other people’s blogs! Or I do anyway!

He is (finally) back

Ok, the Denver International Airport can suck it. Oh and while we are at it, so can United Airlines. Simeon didn’t get home until 2:30 THIS MORNING. And that is not the pleasant him-strolling-through-my-front-door-at-10:30pm they promised. Simeon kept calling me yesterday explaining that his flight would be delayed because “all the flight attendants called in sick” or “the plane is broken and they need to fix it” or “the plane is too broken to fix, now they are looking for another one.” The most frustrating part of it all was the fact that all the flight trackers still showed his flight as being on time. So yeah, they can suck it too.

Sorry. I know I should be happy he made it home safe and blah, blah, blah. But since I kept trying to fall asleep to visions from Lost, you could say that I wasn’t sleeping too well. Then when Simeon finally got home and we got all settled into bed, it was 3am and I had to get up in 3 hours. You could argue that I am not going to be very fun to work with today. Thank God for Starbucks, cause I am gonna need all the caffeine I can get today.

Today is the day…

…that Simeon comes back home! Yippeee! And while it was nice to have people pay for him to be flown across the country so he can geek it up, I really prefer him here. With me.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I sound all desperate and pathetic, but this is the reason I married this man. I prefer being with him over anyone else. Ever. Not that I don’t love my friends and family, I just can’t be with them every second of every day without going insane.

But it was great to know I was being looked after while the husband was away. Not only did Megan stay with me both nights, but my dogs totally go into protective mode when Sim is away. Its great. Number one reason to get a dog, hands down (and no, Erin, you cannot make a blanket out of their ears!!). Each night when Sim is gone the dogs go to lay in their beds (on the floor, on my side of the bed) like they normally do, but then they look over and see that it’s just me in the bed. So Molly walks over to the top of the stairs (where she can view the front entry and the entire main floor, also preventing anyone from coming upstairs to the bedrooms) like a gargoyle. Ellie refuses to leave my side. Loyalty is the best.