Ana’s Got a New Pair of Shoes

I signed Ana up for a “Shuffle, Point, Swing” (a combo of ballet, tap and jazz) class this summer so I knew eventually she would need a pair of tap shoes. Today while we were waiting for Sim to meet us at our favorite Thai place, we went into Dance Togs next door to pick up her shoes. Ana was very excited and as soon as we got home she ran upstairs, put on her leotard and wanted to show off for her Daddy. Having never even witnessed anyone tap dancing, we had no idea what Ana would do. So obviously we were a little surprised when she whipped out a little routine like she’d been doing it for ages. (Had I known she would be so good, I might have used a camera with a little better quality than my iPhone, but whatcha gonna do?) See for yourself:

(Oh and incidentally when I was in Dance Togs, the lady that helped me mentioned that they offer a 10% off discount to people taking classes through Tualatin Hills Parks & Rec because they refer so many customers their way. So make sure you mention THRP it if you happen to shop there! The lady was incredibly helpful and encouraging, which made the experience very memorable for Ana. Bonus points in my book.)

Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival 2010

As is our annual tradition, once again we headed to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival in Woodburn. It is an amazing time and I highly recommend it if you have never gone. This year they added a few extra activities and the kiddos were happy to participate! It had rained the night before, so the fields were extra muddy (we were prepared with our rain boots!) but it was sunny (I was not prepared with sunscreen and as a result I got a lovely burn) and beautiful the entire time we were there.

All the tulip festival pictures are here. Enjoy!

The Easter Celebrations

I just unloaded my camera’s memory card and was shocking to see all the pictures from Easter still on there. It feels like Easter was AGES ago. Anyway, here are the major highlights of our Easter Celebrations.

First we had our annual MOMS Club Easter Egg Hunt at Foothills Park. The weather was horrible that day, but you would never know it based on the pictures. We had about 10 minutes of blue sky and no rain, so the moms hid the eggs and we did the fastest Easter Egg Hunt ever. As we were loading up in the car, the downpour of rain started. It was perfect!

The Easter Egg Hunt pictures are here.

Then we dyed Easter Eggs. This was the first year I was brave enough to do this with Ana, so we kept it pretty simple. Ana (and Sim!) had a great time!

The Easter Egg dyeing pictures are here.

Then it was actually Easter! We spent the morning at home (so the Easter Bunny could find us, of course!) then went to my Mom’s house for the afternoon.

(Last photo courtesy of Ana.)

The pictures from Easter are here.

Silas’ First Birthday

Last weekend, my adorable nephew, Silas, turned ONE. It is so hard to believe that this was a year ago:

Oh, they grow up so fast. Anyway, my little sister, Darcie, set up a great first birthday for Silas at the Broadway Park in Seaside. They totally lucked out and managed to have his party on the ONLY nice day of the week. Here are the pictures from his first birthday celebration.

You can see all the pictures (Yes, there are more. LOTS more.) from Silas’ birthday here. Enjoy!