Love means not having to share the last breadstick.

When Simeon and I got married last year, we received tons of advice from other married couples:
Never go to bed angry.
Make time for each other.
Remember to date.
Tell each other you love each other everyday.
Yadda yadda yadda.

Well we have decided that for the most part we do all of that stuff (I love you Simeon!), but we were having a little trouble with the dating one. So since we work so close to each other, we have started having lunch time dates. Its actually a great plan because 1) food is cheaper for lunch time than dinner and 2) it really makes the day go faster when we get out of the office in the afternoon and 3) its just nice to be able to spend a little extra time together.

So today we went to Olive Garden because its one of my favorite restaurants and I haven’t been there since long before my surgery, but I have been craving it ever since I wasn’t allowed solid food. (Its really horrible how you crave things when you know you can’t have it, isn’t it?)

So for those of you trying to think of ways to spice up the relationship: I recommend dating. Just don’t expect him to share the last breadstick.

Harry Potter

Ok, I am just gonna admit it and I don’t care who knows: I am the biggest Harry Potter fan. I am not sure if its just refreshing to connect with my inner-child or what. But anyone who knows me knows that I am a super addict. So you can imagine how excited I was the other day when I stumbled across this. It is the coolest site. I guess it’s because everything on it goes through J.K. herself, so how could it not be?

So I was playing around on the site while I was stuck in bed over the past few days (thank God for laptops and wireless Internet!) and I managed to solve a few of the “hidden puzzles” and have received four rewards. Has anyone gotten any more? I guess I just need to be patient and keep checking back for progress.

By the way, for any Potter fans out there, the rewards are totally worth the wait! Incredible.

Attack of the appendix

So Friday night around 6pm my stomach started to hurt. I mean really really hurt. Like this intense pain that would not subside. I tried to attribute it to cramps or bloating and took a Tylenol Menstrual. Nothing changed. Around 7pm Sim and I decided to eat some dinner. Had I know this was going to be my “last meal” I probably would have chosen differently. But alas, we had some marinated steak and baked potatoes. Still no change in the stomach condition. We decided to head to bed around 10pm. Determined to get some sleep, I took a Tylenol PM. After about 2 hours of trying to fall asleep without any luck, I finally woke Sim up at midnight. We contemplated calling my mother, the nurse, to see if I should go to the hospital. But since it was midnight and not technically an emergency, we decided to wait. While I laid on the floor in our office holding my stomach, Sim frantically googled “stomach pain” to see what we might be looking at. Finally, with no luck Sim decided to call my mom. She deemed six hours of relentless pain worthy of a trip to the emergency room. Yeah!

If Carrie ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!

Urgh! Today just sucks! I am so frustrated with everything that if it were not Friday, I would just go home sick. But alas it is Friday, so since I only work until 1pm, I figure I can manage for a few more hours.

(Dear God, if there is a way to make time go faster, please do that today. I promise never to ask again…or at least not for a while anyway.)

So my frustrations lie with the new aforementioned system at work. Unlike others, I have been having no serious trouble with the system up to this point. But today I hit the mother of all issues. And it’s not an issue that will only affect me once and then it’s over. No, no, no. This problem will continue to be thrown in my face day in and day out until I figure out a way to resolve it. Sigh. Its a shame that screaming and yelling is no longer a productive way to get things done, because that is the only way I feel I can communicate today.

I just have to keep telling myself “just a few more hours, just a few more hours” or until God manages to fix that whole time progressing normally thing.
Wish me luck.

Congrats to Rupert!

Was it just me or did the whole world scream out loud when Rupert was voted the winner on Survivor “America’s Tribal Council?” I literally cheered in my living room…scaring my pups in the process! I was so excited to see someone final be rewarded for merit, rather than scandal. I don’t know if it was the bushy beard or the excessive amount of tie-dye, but there was a spot in my heart for Rupert, and apparently America agreed. Finally, America gets it.

The Brutal Truth

So I was listening to the radio on the way home from work and they were talking about these honest personal ads. I was thinking that was a contradiction of terms! A total oxymoron! So in an attempt to avoid cleaning my house when I got home, I jumped on line to check it out. It is hilarious! You have got to go and browse through the personals.

Scary thing is, I think its great. If I were dating, I would much rather have all that stuff out in the open from the start. That way no one is wasting their time. So for all you singles out there, here is a new fad in the dating realm: honesty! Go figure.


Thank God it is finally Friday. Is it me, or has this week taken an extra long time? I feel like I have been struggling all week to get my head above water. That and the emotional rollercoaster on NBC last night! Whew. Not only was it the last Friends ever, but ER was so incredibly depressing. I could not imagine for a second what it would be like having to go through labor knowing your child was stillborn. Wow.

On to less depressing matters, the weekend is almost here! A little less than 2.5 hours to go (I get to start my weekends early on Fridays…I’m off work at 1pm)! I don’t have any big plans this weekend which is nice. I need some down time. My dad is coming over tonight and I think we might do something together this weekend. Other than that, I need some quality couch time! Hope you all have a great weekend!

“I’ll be there for you” no more…

So I am still in complete denial that tonight is the last episode of Friends. Sim and I are just going with it, even though we know that it cannot possibly be the end.

How can I continue to watch NBC knowing that there will never be another new “How you doin’?” from Joey…

No more of Phoebe singing “Smelly Cat”…

I will never witness another near connection between Ross and Rachel…

There won’t be any more displays of neurotic behavior from Monica that make even me feel normal from time to time…

And how can I possibly go on knowing I will never hear another hysterical one-liner from Chandler.

Oh how I will miss my “friends.”

Slacking? Not exactly…

Ok, so I know the other day I mentioned starting a photo blog, or at least trying to get some photos up on this site. Well, its still in the works. Sim has been really patient with me making this site do all the things I wanted it to do. So instead of telling me “thats not something it does” over and over, he went and built me my own site. I mean from the bottom up. Inside and out. Its all mine, baby! I’m not relying on any other program to run my blog now! He’s so sweet, he has managed to make it do all the things I requested, whether they were logical or not! What a great guy. See why I married him?

So stay tuned for the photo blog. Its still in the works. And when its ready, its gonna be hot!