Flashback: First Kiss

Since there hasn’t been much to report on the blogfront as of late, I figured I’d recall a page from my past to entertain you all. It may even shed a little light as to how I have become the person I am today. Or it just may be something silly to read. Who knows. But here goes:

I went to Buxton Elementary in third grade. It was an incredibly small school and as a result my class only contained about 12 kids. This made the boy selection quite small. Of the ones that didn’t pick their noses or run like a girl, there were two that were contenders for my youthful attraction. As one made a much better friend, I fell for Richard. Richard was slender and athletic, he came from a farming family (almost all of us did in this small country town), and was very polite. Plus he was taller than me. This was a huge advantage for him, as I was the second tallest girl in the class and dwarfed the majority of the boys.