Ahhhh the endorphins!

After yesterday’s festivities, Simeon and I awoke with a pumpkin hangover and needed to seek solace the only way we knew: hair of the dog! So you know my day is already off to a great start. Then throw in the explosion of endorphins that can only be released after a shopping spree, and I am RAWRing to go.

Last night Sim and I came to know the wonderful thing that is the Nike Employee Store. I had been like a decade ago (not an exaggeration, I am just that old) but nothing could have prepared me for the miracle that is clothing that is CURRENTLY in store at 50% (or more) off retail. It’s absolutely faaaabulous. So we stocked up. Although we didn’t take the second cart our Nike contact, Dalt, recommended, and I was able to keep my hands off the Cole Haan’s, we came away with one very full bag.

Now I am hoping this was the push I needed to get me back into exercise mode. I have some adorable shoes, fabulous socks, a vented shirt, and a whole new attitude about exercise. Why didn’t I think about this before? I understand that “new” makes things exciting. I love getting out of bed and jumping into the shower when I have new toiletries to try out. I get excited about work when I have a new sophisticated blazer to wear. Why wouldn’t it work for physical fitness? Well, I am hoping it does. But then again I would be equally cute wearing my new attire while watching TV, right?

Pumpkin Crack

I just finished my second Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea Latte from Starbucks. Mmmmmm. It was so good. Simeon is friends with all the guys who work at our Starbucks, so they keep him up to date on the product line-up. Well, last week they informed him that Starbucks was bringing back the Pumpkin. (Insert glorious noises here) We LIVE for the fall menu. It’s fabulous. You have your Pumpkin Spice, which they originally serve to you in latte form, but since I am a chai girl myself, I have them add the pumpkin to my chai. It’s heavenly. From the first tiny sip to the final noisy slurp I feel warm and happy all over.

Then you have your assorted pumpkin pastries. Pumpkin loaf. Pumpkin muffins. Pumpkin scones. My toes tingle just thinking about it all. But more than anything, its a sign that fall is here. Ahhhhhhh. Happiness is.

Sorry I lost my train of thought there! What I was trying to tell you is to beware of the Pumpkin Spice. I have concluded that is must, MUST have crack as the secret ingredient because I cannot stop drinkin’ this stuff. I keep thinking about it and wanting more. Yeah, I know each drink is about a third of my daily calories, but its so worth sweating for 30 minutes later in the day just to get that sweet fix.

In fact, I even had to talk to one of the guys over at Starbucks to promise me that Simeon would not have more than five of them a day. A stretch, I know. But I gotta protect what savings we actually have. At $3.55 a drink, it’s not a cheap addiction. And with Simeon being just a hop, skip and a jump from them, I gotta keep him under control!

Things actually said over dinner last night

“You all suck.”

“…because someone at Nick’s house should be having sex.”

“I didn’t know you could actually light your farts.”

“There is always bum talk.”

“Yeah, he’s moving in with his boyfriend.”

“I feel oddly whored out.”

“No, no, noooo. Don’t use the poop shovel.”

“Knock, knock, knock. Hello…I’m lonely.”

“So on Wednesday nights, if I just call myself “Megan” I won’t be whored out in the blog world?”

“347? Shit I’d sleep with him for that.”

“It’s ALL about the hits.”

“Ellie–one. Monster Truck–zero.”

“I’m getting my ass kicked tonight…by rubber balls and dogs!”

“Always good to whore it up.”

“Awwww. That makes up for you stealing my beer the first time. NOT the second time.”

“Let’s not light Megan on fire, ok?”

“Were you peeing?”
“Did he stick his hand in there….while you were peeing?”
“I don’t think so….”

“I can’t blog facial expressions, so you are gonna have to be more vocal.”


Ok, I just wrote this really long, witty post about movies and puppets and re-makes and when I hit the “save” button it all disappeared. Now I am too mad to re-write it all. Sorry. It was a good one too. I know you would have liked it.

LM on VM

Voicemail. It’s a love-hate relationship for me. Most days I love it. It allows me to screen my calls (“Yeah. I’ll call you back. Riiiiight.”), let irate clients blow off their steam before I talk to them in person (“I am so sorry you feel that way. Is there anything I can do?”) and it can be replayed over and over and over. (“Hi hun. I was just thinkin’ about you. Call me. Lovin’.”)

I don’t even mind leaving voicemails. I can break bad news with tact (“Sorry. Somewhere along the line we must have lost that check.”), leave vague but professional messages (“Due to compliance regulations we are unable to accommodate your wishes at this time.”) and plan exactly what I am going to say without interruption (“I understand how you were confused by this, but unfortunately it is not something we can do.”)

Today I HATE it. I have several people I have been playing phone-tag with (not nearly as fun as it sounds) and it is really starting to get on my nerves. All I need to do is actually TALK to these two people and I can go home for the day. That’s it. Then I can start my weekend. But nooooooo. I keep getting their damn voicemail. Urgggh.

On the other hand, voicemail is waaaaay better than that goddamn busy signal.

For Jen

This is the best I can do with what is out there on the Internet! Enjoy!

Tidbits (or Wednesday Musings)

It’s Wednesday which means I am half way through this week, which is turning out to be the Longest. Week. Ever. I don’t really know why, but every day this week has felt like it should be a few days later, which only leads to bitter disappointment.

On a happier note, it’s raining today. I know to most people that is not necessarily a good thing, but for me it’s great. I love the rain. It’s the Oregonian in me. I am not a lover of the sun (and my pale skin makes that painfully obvious). But I just love curling up inside with a good book or a classic movie and watching the rain come down outside. Today it’s more of a sprinkle, but I had to turn on my windshield wipers on the drive to work and that thoroughly excited me.

Now if only fall would just hurry up and get here. Simeon and I were talking this morning about a Meier & Frank gift card I got for my birthday and how I am having trouble using it. I know, I know. It’s a dilemma. But there is just so much summer clothing still out there that I am not into. But I reassured Sim that I am feeling fine and sweaters will be out soon. And you all know I have NO trouble buying sweaters. Mmmmm. I just love ’em. Comfy…Cozy… Concealing. 😉

I have also been craving fall foods. You know what I mean: pumpkin, stuffing, mashed potatoes. I get hungry just thinking about it. But since it’s still summer, the restaurants and stores haven’t yet switched to their fall menus. So I just have to improvise. Thanks to Raych, I was able to order a “Pumpkin” Chai today at Starbucks. Since the Pumpkin Spice isn’t available yet, she taught me that if you do two pumps vanilla, one pump cinnamon and one pump hazelnut, it tastes amazingly close to pumpkin. Sooooo good. And you can get it year round. It’s a win-win really.

Oh and one more thing that is making me smile today. I just realized I am on the last page of my phone message book here at work, so I get to….order office supplies! I can feel the adrenaline pumping already. Hey, it’s as close as I can get to buying school supplies. Which is just about the best part about back-to-school time. Too bad I haven’t been in school for three years. I wonder if I will ever grow out of the urge to stock up on pencils (which I cannot even remember the last time I used a pencil), erasers, and notebook paper. Ooooh! And spiral notebooks. Ahhhh. Those were the good ol’ days. But I can seek solace in buying my phone message book, a couple ink cartridges, and maybe even a new sharpie for good measure. Or some more Wite-Out correction tape. It’s the best thing ever. Oh and for those of you who are curious, the Retractable Hi-Liter is still phenomenal. FYI.

More Ovary Punching

Simeon and I could only stay in Bellingham for a couple days, so we stopped in to see Heather and Emery one more time before we had to leave.

As you can see, Mommy and baby are both doing great. They are both trying to adjust to all the new changes in their lives. Heather is trying to accept that she now has TWO children, while Emery is adjusting to life outside the womb. But other than that, they are doing wonderfully.

Soon enough, Lindsay is going to tell Emery all about That-Crazy-Lady-Who-Follows-You-Around-Making-Bright-Lights (that would be me–sorry, but I love photographing babies!) but until then he just flinches with his entire body and then waits to be blinded once again. Sorry, kiddo. It gets easier, I swear.

Then just before we had to leave, Barney and Lindsay came back to the hospital. They had been playing in the park with Memere (Barney’s mom, Dodo). So we were finally able to take a picture with all of the “Washington Branch” of the Boisvert Family. All FOUR of them. Hee heee hee. It still amazes me that they have TWO kids! Jeez.

I will leave you with the full body picture of Emery. You know, just because the feet and hands are the best part. Yummy. I could just eat them to pieces!
There are more pictures in the Emery Isaac II gallery for your viewing pleasure. And if that still isn’t enought, Chloe has tons more. Enjoy!

It’s a(nother) boy!!

IT’S A BOY!!! So, for the record, one could say I was right. Hee hee hee.

Announcing Emery Isaac Boisvert! He was born this morning at 9:49am. He was 8lbs 1oz and 20 1/2 inches long.

So, according to Chloe, by having both a daughter and a son, Heather and Barney “have achieved the American Dream.” I am so proud of them. And they are just the cutest little things. I can’t even get over the fact that Miss Lindsay is a big sister!

I went a little baby crazy and took a million pictures of the little guy. You can go see them in the Emery Isaac gallery. But I am warning you, it’s a total punch in the ovaries!

It’s Baby Time!

…unfortunately it’s not for me….yet. But it is for Heather and Barney! Simeon and I are heading to Bellingham in a few minutes and we are going to be there to welcome the latest Boisvert to the world. I am so excited for Heather and Barney, not only do they already have an adorable little princess in Miss Lindsay, but they are about to have their second child.

Heather being one of my oldest friends, I have been lucky enough to watch her change and grow over the years and she has becoming the most loving mother and supportive wife. Had you known her ten (hell, even five!!) years ago, you would never have believed she would become a wife, let alone a mother. But now that she has, I couldn’t be more proud of her and the woman she has become. I love her more than anything, and while I will hold it against her forever that she moved so far away from me, the fact that she personally asked me to be in the waiting room when she had her baby, I think I may start to forgive her.

So Sim and I are taking off for the weekend. But we made sure the hotel we are staying at has Wi-Fi so we can upload the pictures and share their little one with the world. I love you, Heather. We are on our way!