Culture & Content

In an attempt to add culture and diversity to our lives, tonight Simeon and I went to the theatre. We went to Portland Center Stage to see a play, well more of a monologue really. We watched 21 Dog Years: Doing Time @ Leave it to us to incorporate culture via technology and humor. But I guess its better than nothing! Actually it was really nice. Since we both work close to home, it’s nice to drive into the city, wander around downtown holding hands while sipping a Pumpkin Spice Chai (or for Sim, a White Chocolate Mocha), and go see an entertaining production. It’s nights like this when I look around and realize exactly how great I have it. I love my husband and I love our life together. Thanks sweetie!


All I can say is today was chaos. Things have been really hectic and I haven’t had a moment to think. But in the midst of all that, I got an email (an honest-to-God email from a living person, imagine that!) and it brightened my day:

I don’t know how anyone could get sick of you. I just want to bottle you up and keep you on the shelf so whenever I need a little joy — pop the top and let you out. Just like I dream of Jeannie–I dream of Carrie. Is that mushy enough so that you had to get out your sponge and sop it up? Smile and keep being you, Becky

God, I love my friends.

Girl Time

Today is Pink Shoe Day! See?

What, you didn’t get the memo? Oh well. There will be many more to come. It all started Friday with a trip to the mall with Erin. We just wanted to stop by the Clinique counter to get a sample of the latest products, when it turned into an entire makeover (thanks Natalie!). Erin giggled the entire time my make-up was being applied, so I assured her she’d be next! It was so much fun! Since we were “yummy” looking (according to Natalie), we just had to go show off our new look. So what did we do? We went shoe shopping! Oh yeah baby! Erin assured me that there are shoe colors beyond black and brown. Who knew? So I snagged myself some pink shoes with fabulous flower embelishments. Oh Erin, you always know how to make me laugh!

Saturday Carole and I got pedicures. We were long over due since we were forced to cancel last weekend. We followed up with brunch at Elmer’s. I think we were there for a couple solid hours talking about everything from babies, to cats, to migraines. I love how therapeutic girl talk can be. Thanks Carole, I needed that!!

Oh and just to round up all the happy thoughts and good times, here is a picture of the newest reader on this site:

How cute is that?

Things actually said over dinner tonight

“How many drug dealers have, I dated? 1…2…3…4. Yeah 4.” “Wow! You beat me! High five!”

*Phone rings* “You are quite popular tonight.” “What can I say? Booty calls. Booty calls.”

“She didn’t need to tour the units. She has seen many, many units.”

“I worked in the street drug industry. It was a niche market.”

“That would be really hard core…get a potato tatooed on your ankle! But it would have to be a good one or it would just look like a piece of crap.”

“Most of my spare time, I fly. But sometimes I stab. You could be the sometimes.”

“How am I going to remember all this for my blog? Simeon told me I can’t take notes during dinner.”

Temptation Island

Ok, so it’s not an island, its an office. But the temptation is here! I just walked into the kitchen to fill up my water bottle and there was cheesecake. I repeat, CHEESECAKE!! So I sought out solace with Erin and she gave me some almonds.

Almonds are just as good as cheesecake.
Almonds are just as good as cheesecake.
Almonds are just as good as cheesecake.

Do you think if I keep saying it I will actually start to believe it??

Loss of Control

Do you ever have days where you just walk around feeling like you have lost control over everything? Today is that day for me. It has been complete and total chaos from the moment I rolled out of bed this morning. Who said today could be pandemonium? I know I for one did not authorize this! My hair is giving me trouble and keeps slipping out of the clips. My outfit just isn’t right because the neckline of my sweater keeps shifting. I have about a million phone calls to make because apparently all of our clients didn’t get the memo that yesterday was a holiday and I was off from work. And to top it all off I was so busy dealing with the commotion that I missed my morning snack. Now my blood sugar is crashing and I am craving all things chocolate. Well, that and it could have something to do with Aunt Flow visiting. She has been here for far too long and I cannot get her to LEAVE ALREADY!

Round two!

Being gluttons for punishment and also having the day off from work (thank you Martin Luther King, Jr.!), Erin and I decided to take a Pilates class this morning. We went to the same classes that Lisa M. and I went to the other day, but at a different 24 Hour Fitness (the one in Hillsboro, in case you were wondering, Carole). While a lot of the positions were the same, I was definatly feeling things more today. I don’t think my muscles have fully recovered from the last traumatic experience! Since it was during the day, the class was a lot smaller and the instructor was able to have fun with us. Have you ever tried to “zip up your pelvis and scoop in your stomach” while giggling? I can tell you it’s hard to do! But I must say that the highlight of the whole class was when Erin proclaimed the instructor a “Devil Woman.”

Slippery When Wet

Bon Jovi definitely made it sound more appealing. All I can say is ice storms are not.

Not only did I have to cancel pedicures with Carole, but I didn’t even get to leave my house Saturday until 9:30pm (and that was only because Simeon realized we were out of NyQuil and he desperately needed to sleep). The adventure to the store began after 15 minutes of letting the truck warm up so Simeon could crack the sheet of ice off of the windshield. Then we slipped and slided in 4-wheel drive the quarter mile to Albertson’s. Ahh the evil hold NyQuil has over the sick….

But the worst part of the whole adventure was getting back into our house once we returned. Our house is above the street, so our driveway has a slight incline, which in normal conditions is barely noticeable. However, when it’s a sheet of ice, it makes it impossible to walk up. In fact, Simeon climbed out of the truck (which was parked in the driveway) and slid the entire way to the street. It was hilarious (only because he didn’t get hurt…otherwise I swear I would not have laughed as loud)!

(Oh and I uploaded some random pictures to the Misc. Category, Lisa P. Category, and the Molly Category.)

My core is sore

Pilates kicked my ass. And my stomach.

Lisa M (finally!) joined 24-hour fitness and we decided it would be fun to go to a class together. Since we both work during the day, we were limited to what classes we could attend. We finally decided to try a couple of the Pilates classes they offer on Thursday evenings. This is what we did last night:

Just Pilates Description: Core strength is a vital component of a well-rounded program. These basic mat Pilates and core strength moves will help you build the foundation you need and challenge you to your desired level.

Pilates Great Glutes Description: A basic mat Pilates formula that targets ABS and LOWER BODY. Burn fat, build strength and walk away with a little extra confidence – a workout that will make every move you make a little easier.

While I never claimed to be coordinated or athletic in any way, I thought I would be able to do some simple stretching and breathing exercises. I was wrong. As I was clenching my stomach (“belly button to your spine!”) and flexing my ass, I glanced around the spandex clad room to see the other girls who appeared to be old pros at Pilates. At times my entire body was shaking! My palms were sweaty, I was slipping on the mats, and desperately trying not to tumble over into the lady next to me, creating a domino effect in the Pilates room. All I can say is I hope it gets easier, like the skinny instructor promised.

Looking back is always better

As last night was Wednesday, we had our typical gathering of friends over for dinner (chicken enchiladas, in case you were curious). Over dinner we started reminiscing about “the good ol’ days” of college. Megan and I, both being University of Portland alums, had quite a few entertaining stories about college parties and their aftermath. At one point we were laughing so hard about a particular projectile vomit story (sorry Jesse!) when Kristen asked me how I could laugh about something like that, as she would have been so disgusted and angry. I reassured her that at the time I was quite mad and totally grossed out, but looking back now it’s hilarious.

This got me to thinking about how we remember things. At the time you are miserable and irritated, but as the years pass, you are able to look back and actually laugh out loud. I, for one, know this is totally true about high school. When you are there, you’re obsessed, tortured, paranoid and even scared. All you can think about is getting out of here and going to college. You think about how people say it was “the best time of their lives” and wonder what they did differently to actually like high school. Then when you are a few years into college and realize how hard it actually is, high school does seem pleasant. And now here I am. I am going on being out of college for three years and now I can look back at it fondly.

I think its odd how our memories tend to fade about the bad things and highlight the good, no matter how few and far between they were. But where I am at now, I am actually enjoying myself. I love my life. I love my husband. I love my friends. I love my house. I love my pets. And a thought just snuck into my head: Does that mean in a few years I will look back at this point in my life and only remember bad things? God I hope not, cause right now there are way too many good things I don’t want to forget!