Talking With Hadley

Hadley and I had the following conversation over lunch today:
Talking with Hadley over lunch

Hadley: I love India.

Me: Oh really? Where did you learn about India?

Hadley: I don’t know. In school?

Me: When did you go to school?

Hadley: On Mondsday. My teacher tells me to go to class.

Me: What else did you do at school?

Hadley: I fell down. But people helped me up. People are nice!

A Conversation with Hadley

Me: Ok, Hads, are you ready to go to Target?
Hadley: Yes! Ana too?
Me: No, sweetie, Ana has school today.
Hadley, pointing out the window to St. Pius: Right dere!
Me: That’s right. We will pick her up later.
Hadley, sadly: Oh-kay.
Hadley, suddenly excited: Boys doin’?
Me: Boys? Like Daddy?
Hadley: Daddy-o…. Dabid… B’ad…
Me: Oh, Daddy, David, and Brad are working.
Hadley, sad again: Oh.
Me: But we can go to Target now and see them all later.
Hadley, excited: Yea!!

On Math and Keeping It Simple

Ana’s homework for the weekend was an activity that had her rolling dice, and adding or subtracting cubes to create math sentences. We had a lot of fun working on it. While Ana was writing her numbers we had the following conversation:

Ana: Does my one look like a seven?
Sim: A one is just a straight line. Why are you writing it like that?
Ana: It’s how my teacher told me to do it.
Carrie: Yeah, I’m not sure why they make them do it that way. But if your teacher said you need to do it that way, please do what she said.
Sim: Well, if you are going to give it a tail you need to give it feet.
Ana: It’s not a tail.
Carrie: Do you call it a hat?
Ana: It’s not a hat.
Sim: Well then what is it?
Ana: It’s just a line.

Ana, on Harry Potter and Boys

Tonight Ana and I went on a much needed “big girls date.” We left Hadley and Sim at home and we went out for dinner and a movie. So we decided to go see the last Harry Potter movie at the Valley Cinema where we could enjoy some Pizza Schmizza while watching our favorite wizards on the big screen.

On a "big girl date" with Ana! Time for dinner and a movie!

We were right in the part of the movie (spoiler alert!!) when Harry is about to walk into the Forbidden Forest and offer himself up to Lord Voldemort. Hermione was giving Harry an appropriately tearful hug good-bye when Ana and I had the following conversation:

Ana: Why isn’t Ron going to give him a hug?

Carrie: Well, boys don’t really hug.

Ana: Wow. There is a lot I don’t know.

Carrie: You know lots of things.

Ana: I don’t know much about boys!

A typical conversation

The other day Ana and I were sitting on the couch watching some iCarly (seriously, this show is totally addicting. If you have to watch something on Nickelodeon, pick iCarly!) and I was letting her be “Queen of the Remote.” This is usually my role in the house, but I guess I was feeling pretty generous that day. Or maybe I was just catching up on Twitter on my iPhone and didn’t care what was happening on the TV. Anyway, I digress, Ana was in charge of the remote and that is all that matters to this story. All of a sudden Ana hit the pause button (her personal favorite), turned to me and said, “Mama? I want you to have a baby in your belly.”

Totally caught off guard, I replied, “I know, sweetie. Me too.”

She looked confused and asked, “But how do you get the baby in your belly?”

Thinking on my feet, I picked an age-appropriate response and answered, “You have to try really, really hard.”

Fully accepting my explanation, she hit the play button and iCarly resumed.

A few minutes went by and Ana hit pause again. As she turned to look at me, I braced myself for whatever she was going to say. “Mama? When the baby comes out of your belly…can I hold it?”

I laughed and said, “Of course.”

A huge smile took over Ana’s face and she exclaimed, “Thanks!” then hit play and went back to watching iCarly without a second thought.

Too Long For Twitter

While driving home from dinner tonight, Ana was digging through her Dora backpack of toys when she found her long lost Toy Story pretend phone. The following (one-sided) conversation ensued:

Helwo Jeni…How you doin’ today?…Oh you doin’ good….You watchin’ a movie?…With blankets on?

When she noticed I was watching her she said, “Mama, I just talkin’ to Jeni. She doin’ good.

Then she quickly dismissed me and continued to talk to her Aunt Jeni on the phone, “Oh ok…How’s Hayden?…He feelin’ better…He in school righ’ now?…Ok…Bye!

Over Our Rice Krispies

Ana: Doggy bonked head…on table.

Me: Yep.

Ana, touching her forehead: I bonked my head…on a window…yes-a-day.

Me: I remember.

Ana: Mama, I have more cereal?

Me: Sure. I will get you some more.

Ana: And for YOU?

Me, pouring the cereal: Yes, I think I will have some more too.


Me: You’re welcome. And thank you for being polite.

Ana: I have playdate?

Me: Yes, we are having friends over today for playgroup.

Ana: Aydenowen?!

Me: No. Not today. We see them on Friday.

Ana, climbing down from the table: Oh.

Me: Are you all done? If you are, I need to clean you up.

Ana, running circles around the table: No. I still eating.

Me: It doesn’t look like you are still eating.

Ana: Yes. I still eating.

Me: If you want to play, I need to clean you up.

Ana: I all done. Clean! Me! Up!

Sleeping Booty

Ana and I are just finishing up our breakfast and this conversation ensues:

Me: Ana, what do you wanna do today?

Ana: Watch a movie!

Me: Ok. You wanna watch Cars?

Ana: No…

Me: Um. You wanna watch Sleeping Beauty?

Ana: S’eepin’ Booty?

Me: Well, it’s Sleeping BEAUTY. It has fairies in it!

Ana: Fairies? I hear ’em!

Me: You hear them?

Ana: Yeah.

Me: What do they say?


Me: Oh really?!

Ana: Yeah!

She then proceeds to run off shouting, “S’eepin’ Booty! S’eepin’ Booty!”

Discussing Lunch

Simeon: Ana, what should we have for lunch today?
Ana: Noodles.
Simeon: You want noodles for lunch?
Ana: No.
Simeon: Oh. Then what do you want for lunch?
Ana: Ice cream.
Simeon: Um. Maybe after lunch. What else?
Ana: Yogurt.
Simeon: Oh ok. Do you want anything else?
Ana: On the yogurt.
Simeon: You want yogurt…on your yogurt?
Ana: Yeah.
Simeon: And ice cream for dessert?
Ana: Mmm hmm.