A Letter: Twenty-Eight Months

Dear Hadley,
Last week you turned twenty-eight months old. When I think about how little you still are, I am shocked at what a big personality fits inside such a tiny body. You are growing so fast and changing so much each day that I have to remember to sit back and enjoy you as you are today because tomorrow you will be another day older, bigger, and wiser.
Cuddling with Diego
I’m not sure if I have mentioned this yet, but you are totally and completely obsessed with Diego. Every morning you wake up and the first thing you want to do is cuddle on the couch with some hot chocolate and watch “Go, Diego, Go.” I think it says a lot about your personality; you are adventurous, brave, and love animals. And I’m kind of happy that you didn’t go the traditional Dora route (because I logged more than my fair share of Dora when Ana was your age). Rather than being all butterflies, princesses, and fairies, Diego is into extreme sports, exploring the world, and helping animals. I think those are wonderful things to aspire to and so I totally support your Diego habit.
Daddy? There is a bird on you.
Eyeing the bird on Daddy's shoulder
I’m not sure I should admit this, but I am not a fan of “kid music.” I feel like between television theme songs and commercials we are already inundated with enough of the annoyingly-catchy music which when actually sung by children sounds like it belongs in a horror movie. Shudder. Anyway, I digress. I was able to keep this genre from you for quite awhile but last week in a desperate attempt to keep you awake in the car (lest you fall asleep and foil all hopes of a real nap) I plugged in my iPhone and played “Go, Diego, Go Live!” music. Just as I expected, your eyes lit up with delight and you shrieked with contagious glee. The good side? I managed to keep you awake til we got home. However the down side is that now every time we are in the car you tell me, “I no like THIS song. I like Diego…”
Under the table fort

You have become quite the animal hoarder. You are very fond of a particular set of stuffed animals who are lucky enough to be permitted to reside in your crib. You have named the monkeys Dada Monkey, Mama Monkey, and Baby Monkey, and the lone cat in the bunch is called Little Brad. You are constantly trying to carry ALL of them around with you and they are always the first toys brought down to cuddle with you on the couch while you watch Diego.

Monkey Hoarder

But just because you like Diego and animals does not mean you aren’t still all girl. You love to accessorize like it’s your job. You spend a lot of the time we are home walking around in high heels and about half of that time you are either sporting a backpack or have a purse dangling off your arm.

Fancy HadleyWalking in high heelsAdmiring your purse

You also love to draw and “do art.” The other day you were drawing on the big dry erase board in Daddy’s office, working on your latest masterpiece. I asked you what you were making and you pointed to your picture and said, “That my eye… That my other eye… That my mouth… And that my scribble.” Good to know you are keeping it real.

Working on your masterpiece
Dry Erase Art Work

I am constantly amazed at what a keen observer you are. You have perfect hearing and pay attention to everything. Just this morning you wanted to pick out a movie for us to watch. After briefly debating Tangled or Puss in Boots (which for some reason you call Buttons in Beeps) we finally decided on Monsters, Inc. You quickly said, “I get it!” then without hesitating for even a second, you pulled open the third drawer of DVDs, reached between Megamind and Monsters vs. Aliens and pulled out the correct DVD case. I know I shouldn’t doubt your borderline savant memory, but I was totally floored.

Into the porthole

You are also all about doctors lately. Whether it’s asking to go to the doctor’s office, pretending to be a doctor with one of our many doctor’s kits, or reenacting recently watched episodes of Doc McStuffins. Around here, we are all doctors, all the time. You are very aware of every single scratch, hang nail, or bruise on any member of our immediate family. You love to examine our “ouches” and “doctor us” then ask, “you feel better?” (Ed. Note: Yikes. Have you ever read a paragraph that said DOCTOR so many times? I feel like I need to add “doctor, doctor, doctor” just to make sure.)

Doctor Hadley

Hadley, I know everyone always says the current phase their child is in is their favorite, and  I am not any different. Every day I marvel at how much I love this stage of development. Everything you say is adorable. Witnessing you go from saying, “It’s me turn!” to correctly declaring, “It’s MY turn!” Watching the way you walk, dance, or even sleep is mesmerizing. Even as you throw a typical two-year old temper tantrum (say that five times fast!) I watch your shockingly blue eyes fill up with tears, and your chin quiver with emotion, I just think about how I want to wrap my arms around you and just hold you close to me. And I plan to do just that…for as long as you will let me.

Hadley in a box
All my love,