I Heart Vampires

“Vampires have never been so hot” was the way my friend Megan described the book, Twilight. She asked me if I had read it (read it? I hadn’t even HEARD of it. I am so out of the loop.) But she highly recommended it, so I logged on to the library’s website and added my name to the queue of 80 or so other patrons waiting for the audio book. Audio books have been my thing lately because I can listen to the books while cooking, cleaning, driving in the car, or whatever else I am suppose to be doing around here. So I figured if I was ever going to “read” (can I really call if that if someone reads it to me?) it, that would be the way. But then Megan gave me the book for my birthday. Since we were leaving to go camping later that week, I figured it couldn’t hurt to have a book to read while Ana napped and I might get around to reading some of it.

Oh how wrong I was.

Once I started the book, I simply could not put it down. I was instantly addicted. Obsessed even. I craved the book. Every chance I could get, I had my nose in the book. When Ana napped in the tent, I curled up in my bed near her, thoroughly engrossed in the story. But eventually (two days later to be precise) I finished the book. And I wanted more. When we took a trip into town I insisted Sim take me to the nearest store so I could pick up New Moon, the next in the saga. I practically skipped down the aisles of Target, giddy with my luck at getting the last copy on the shelf.

Then our camping vacation took a turn and after a horrible storm of thunder, lightning, rain and even hail the size of gum balls knocked over our tent, soaking every single item inside, we packed up and headed for a hotel. Never has electricity been so welcome. I could read….at night! Not being able to put the book down, I read into the wee hours of the morning until I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. As the weather forecast predicted more of the same thing for the next couple days, we headed back to camp, packed up our soaking gear and decided to head to Bend for a few days and stay in a hotel.

Never have I stayed in a hotel room and not even thought about turning on the TV. Neither did Simeon, as he wanted to know what the fuss was about with the book and started reading it himself. He was a book behind me and reading it with the same excitement and fervor that I did. And it was fabulous. Before I knew it, I finished New Moon and instantly picked up my iPhone to find the nearest bookstore. We drove over and bought the final two books in the series: Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.

I finally finished the last book two days ago, a mere ten days after I started reading the series. I read FOUR books in TEN days. I honestly don’t think I have ever done that before. At least not since high school. The books were that intense. Part of me is sad that I am finished reading them, but the other part of me is relieved that I can get back to my normal life! But now I remember how much I LOVE books and am having a hard time doing much else. Plus I have other book-lover friends who are only fueling the fire (I am looking at you, Ciara!).

So if anyone is looking for a great read, I highly recommend the Twilight Saga. Just be warned, you won’t be able to do much else once you start, so clear your schedule. What are you waiting for? Go. NOW.