13.1 And Other Such Nonsense

I have officially lost my mind.

There is just no other reasonable explantation for why I would sign up to run a half marathon.

Yes. You read that correctly. A HALF MARATHON. (My blood pressure went up a little bit just writing that.)

Here is how it happened. I had the following conversation with Lisa, my friend of over ten years, via text:

Lisa: Want to train and do the girlfriends 1/2 in oct w me 😉
Me: Ha ha ha ha!
Me: I mostly joke because that scares the crap out of me. The furthest I have ever run without stopping is a 5k. I don’t know if I could do 13 miles….
Lisa: No! Come on. Would be fun
Lisa: Me either…freaks me out to think about it…but it is in oct. My goal…to finish 😉
Me: But yes. I would love to. Especially the training part. Do you have a program you want to follow?
Me: Mostly I would love to do it because (not only is it BADASS) but I love those stickers that say “13.1 miles because I’m only half crazy.”

In hindsight, I’m a little embarrassed with how easily I gave in. I mean I actually used the word “love” with regards to a half marathon! Was this something deep, DEEP in my subconscious I actually wanted to do? I guess so. Bucketlist, here’s your newest item!

Then I had another conversation with Cyndie, my running inspiration who got me into Stroller Strides and gave me the confidence and encouragement to actually start running in the first place, via text:
Me: If someone were to want to train for a half (specifically Girlfriends), where would you suggest they start?
Me: I’m asking for a friend… 😉
Cyndie: BY REGISTERING!!!!! Wahoooo!
Cyndie: I mean, you know, for your friend…
Me: Ha ha ha. I thought that’s what you might say.
Cyndie: I’m not home but will be happy to email some stuff this weekend. Seriously, just do it. 🙂

And so I did. I went to the Girlfriends site and registered. Before I could change my mind.

Lisa is one of the very few people who could actually convince me to do something like this. For one thing, our lives have taken us in very similar directions. We worked together in our past (read: pre-children) lives. We both had our second daughters a mere five months apart. And we both spent the majority of last year on the same path to weight-loss (I lost over 30 pounds and Lisa lost, um, significantly more than me). So it only made sense for us to embark on this together. I am looking forward to conquering this challenge with my amazing friend at my side.

For me, every adventure begins with shopping. Cyndie followed through and sent me a link to Another Mother Runner and highly suggested I read their books, Run Like a Mother and Train Like a Mother which I promptly added to my Goodreads “to-read” bookshelf and will be buying for my Kindle later today. Then I stumbled upon the clothing links and found this awesome shirt and my new running motto:

So, anyone else feel like losing their mind in the name of health and joining me on this adventure?? It’s not til October so we have TEN MONTHS to train. What can you accomplish in 10 months? Anything.

A Letter: Twenty-Six Months

Dear Hadley,

Last week you turned twenty-six months old. And man, are you sure coming into your own. You are quite the character. Constantly making us burst out laughing (or have to bite our tongues when you say or do something naughty that is nevertheless equally hilarious). You will repeat just about anything we say, but there is just something hilarious hearing it come from your tiny mouth.
My Hadley Ballerina

You have two different “voices” you like to speak in. One is this high, schrill volume that you generally reserve for moments of sheer excitement. Like anytime you see Ana (“My Sissy Poo!”) or when it was time to open presents (“Open presents? YEAHHHH!”). The other is this totally unexpected deep baritone that you use to sound authoritative (“Ana, eat you broccoli!”) or express sadness/anger (“I do it MYSELF.”).

Opening giftsLittle Chef

In all your constant chatting, you have become quite the manners aficionado.  In fact, you sometimes border on being the Manners Police! A couple weeks ago I just finished loading groceries into my car and a man offered to take my cart back to the store. After I said “thank you” he simply nodded in response. But you gave him a stern look and shouted, “Say ‘you welcome!'” Thank you my dear. At least I know you always have my back.

Ready to hit the slopes

Admitting your child is getting bigger is a hard thing thing to do. Which is why when we went on our vacation to Eagle Crest over Christmas vacation we brought the Pack N Play to use as your bed. It wasn’t until we put you in it the first night that we really noticed just how HUGE you are now. You took up every single inch of that portable crib. You only lasted part of the night in that tiny cramped space and spent the rest of the week sleeping on the air mattress with Ana. I guess we should probably accept that fact that you aren’t the tiny baby you once were.

Too Big for this Crib
Sleeping Bags

If I had to pick one word to describe you right now, it would have to be independent. You want to do everything by yourself. From climbing into your car seat to decorating cookies to putting on your own socks, I am constantly hearing you say, “I do it!” You have the most determined look on your face and, while it may take you a little longer, you can usually get it done in the end. You are stubborn and determined and I admire your drive to be soself-sufficient.

Decorating Cookies Taking pictures

Like your father, you are very easily excited. The simple sight of snow and you can go from being in a bad mood to being on top of the world. We have been to the mountain a few times in the last month and each time we get high enough in elevation to see snow accumulation it’s all I can do to keep you from hyperventilating as you chant, “Snow. Snow! SNOW!!” while watching it fall outside your car window.

Too cool for snowAll Bundled UpAre you looking at ME?!

You have started doing this thing (not quite sure I can even call it a phase) where everything you see you assign a family position. Large things are Daddy. Very tiny things are Hadley. Things in between vary between being Mama or Sissy/Ana. For example if you see three bears of varying sizes the largest is the Daddy Bear, the middle is the Mama Bear, and the littlest is the Hadley Bear (Not Baby Bear. HADLEY BEAR. I only made that mistake once.) But it’s not always living things either. Sometimes you find random things and you pick them up and say, “This rock a Hadley rock.” Basically I think it means you equate your name with meaning something is small.

Little MamaSideways Glance

As you watch Ana and all her artistic interests you have started wanting to test your crafty abilities as well. We started you small with crayons and coloring books, then dry erase markers on a white board, and have recently ventured into the magic that is Crayola Color Wonder. I am a big fan of the fact that the “paint” only works on the magic paper so the mess is nice and contained. See? You can be creative and express yourself without destroying my house in the process!

Painting a picture
Little Artist

Hadley, you are such a joyful presence. I just love being around you because you never fail to brighten my mood. I never know what you are going to say or do and you constantly catch me off guard. Your vocabulary, as well as your physical and mental abilities, are growing with such ferocity that I’m afraid if I blink you’ll be completing your college applications before I even realize what is happening. Thank you for being so amazing and for always keeping me on my toes!

New Christmas Jammies
Me and my fancy ladies
All my love,