Word of the Day: Walk

Pronounced: Wok
Meaning: To move around on foot. Common uses: 1) when she wants to go outside and wander around looking for all our neighborhood animals she will point outside and say, “wa’k.” or 2) when we are at a store and she is in her stroller or shopping cart but would prefer to walk alongside me she will ask, “wa’k?”

Word of the Day: Color

Pronounced: Caw-yer
Meaning: Used to describe the various hues of the world around us. Normally I am asking Ana “what color is         ” and she replies back “caw-yer.” Also how she describes what she does with her DoodlePro.

Word of the Day: Hello

Pronounced: Hi-yo
Meaning: A greeting. Formal form of “hi.” Most often used when pretending to talk on the phone or when acknowledging random strangers.

Note: Since Ana has started learning a new word literally every day I thought I would try to keep track of her ever-expanding vocabulary the way I do all her accomplishments: on my website. Make sure you check in regularly to see what my amazing daughter is gonna say next!