My Little Ballerina

Ana had another ballet recital today (the last day of her “Tip Toes” Ballet class is always a “recital” performed on the stage). It amazes me how well she is doing in her ballet class. I know she has been doing it for a year and a half, but she’s only three! Heck, I couldn’t do half the things she does. She is so comfortable up on a stage or in front of a crowd, that I can definitely see performing in her future. But more than anything, I love seeing the happiness on her face when she dances. It just warms my heart.

You can see all the pictures from Ana’s “recital” here. Enjoy!

Talking with her Phone

Ana has a little pink Disney Princesses phone which has a few recorded messages that play depending on which button she presses. Since she is always talking on some phone (pretending to use my iPhone, using her play phones or talking on my old no-longer-working cell phone) it’s nice to occasionally have some that respond when she talks. This morning Ana and her princess phone got into a little bit of a argument. Behold:

“Please come to a party at the castle!” squeaks the phone.
To which Ana replies, “But I’m not at the castle.”
Ana pushes the button again and the phone chimed, “Hello there. I’m Aurora!”
Ana, a little irritated that her comment was ignored, says, “Where’s the castle?”
Ana then squeezes the phone a little too hard and it doesn’t get to finish it’s message before having to start again. As a result the phone stammers, “Don’t–don’t–don’t–don’t–don’t you just love being a princess?”
Thoroughly unimpressed with her phone’s ability to uphold it’s end of the conversation, Ana throws it down on the ground and walks away.

Breakfast Musings

You know you have finally become an adult when you realize the cereal you just bought has a toy inside only AFTER it falls directly into your bowl. I remember a day when I would select my cereal purely based on the “prize” inside. Now I pick it based on several factors: 1) whether I will eat it before it goes stale, 2) if it is relatively good for me, and 3) if I can share it with my daughter. I guess it’s good to feel younger than I am, but sometimes it really catches me off guard that I am in my *shiver* late twenties. How the heck did that happen?!


…that grapes are so good. Like I could just sit and eat them all day, Greek Goddess style.

…but it only takes one bad grape to make you want to vomit. Ewww.

…people are really going to have to blog more because I don’t want to find anymore ways to kill time using the Internet.

…that all this sunny weather is really making me want to get a comfy blanket, a good book, and curl up outside in the grass. *Yawn* Anyone else ready for a nap?


I seriously just thought to myself, “Thank the Lord and the Baby Jesus for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.”

Which was quickly followed up with, “Hmmmm. I wonder if I am PMSing…”

Things that are making me smile today:

1. This fabulous fall day. The air is crisp, the leaves are falling, and the sun is shining. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

2. They are actually moving back. For real. No joke. I am SO freakin’ excited!

3. The deck was a little icy today and my dogs ran out the doggy door and instantly looked like little drunken ice skaters. Very cute. (And no one was hurt, which is even better.)

4. It’s Wednesday, which means we are halfway through this week. It also means my friends are coming over tonight. I’m making calzones if anyone is interested.

5. Simeon and I are taking a little mini vacation next week to San Francisco. Leaving Monday, coming back Thursday. I think getting out of town for a few days is just what the doctor ordered.

6. Our friends Megan and Jason are getting married on Saturday and I am so excited for them to start their life together. That and I am really excited that we are gonna have more married couples in our group. Being married rocks, didn’t you all know that?!

7. Another one of our couple friends recently told us they are gonna have a baby (not sure if they want the whole world to know, or I would mention names)! And while I am insanely jealous, I am also very, VERY happy for them. I cannot wait until we ALL have babies! Yeah for babies!

Hmmmm….is there anything else I am forgetting? Probably. But I don’t want to scare the five of you that are actually reading this off with all the happiness. It’s just so unlike me to not be complaining. But don’t worry, I am sure it will pass….


…Is it possible for my bladder to suddenly shrink? Cause I swear I have gone pee like six times this morning. Since I have been at work. And I have only drank one of my Dasani 1 liter bottles. What am I going to do if I ever actually get pregnant? Will I have to resort to working from the bathroom?

…watching Harry Potter and the Prizoner of Azkaban on the BIG SCREEN last night was amazing. It was a little hard to adjust to at first, but before long I was totally enthralled in the story. And I actually picked up on some details I didn’t notice the first five or six times I watched the movie.

my Husband, being the dreamboat that he is, walked over to the Barnes and Noble we are going to for the Harry Potter Midnight Magic party and reserved copies of HPATHBP for me and all of my friends who are accompanying me. I realize he already deserves the Husband of the Year award for listening to me go on and on about all things Harry Potter. Good thing some of my friends are equally obsessed, or he would never get a break!

…I am going to the library today to get some more books on tape to listen to while Simeon and I commute back and forth to work. I have been trying to introduce him to all the books I loved over the years. We have listened to some classics (My Side of the Mountain, Bridge to Terabithia, Tuck Everlasting) some silly ones (Mrs. Piggle Wiggle, James & the Giant Peach) and we are on the waiting list for some others (The Chronicles of Narnia, Little House on the Prairie, Where the Red Fern Grows). Are there some I am missing? He hardly read anything growing up, and I spent the majority of my youth with my nose in a book. What are some of your favorites that you read while growing up?? (Keep in mind, we are trying to read light, easy books that are easy to keep getting interrupted since that happens so often in the car, as well as be easy to just jump back into without a lot of refreshing your memory.)

Random Thoughts

My brain is overwhelmed today with all sorts of different things to blog about, and since I am feeling very A.D.D. today, I am just gonna do them all, rather than pick one and go with it. Brace yourself for all the randomness as it flows from my brain:

I am totally ready for the latest Harry Potter book to be released. In fact, I have a whole series of HP events this week to help pass the time. This evening a group of us (yes, all adults) are going to watch Harry Potter and the Prizoner of Azkaban at the Omnimax Theater. Then on Friday we are attending the Midnight Magic Party at Barnes and Noble. (You can find a HP Party near you by country, state, city, etc. here. Very, VERY cool.) Then I plan to go home and spend the remainder of the weekend reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Today I have a lunch date with Dodo, Heather and of course, Miss Lindsay. Ahhh, I love being one of the Ladies Who Lunch. It definitely helps pass the time.

I have been really busy lately and I haven’t had the opportunity to clean my house this week. Or do laundry. Or even cook a meal. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I went to the grocery store. My husband is going to leave me for sure. That is if I can find him behind all the take-out boxes and piles of dirty laundry….

My birthday is getting closer and closer (17 days and counting, Erin!!). For my present this year Simeon (with the help of his father and brother) are tearing up the carpet, linoleum, and old wood flooring on the main level of our house, to be replaced with a lovely laminate flooring. I am simultaneously excited and terrified. I love the idea of the wood flooring, what with animals and potential children being the mess-makers that they are (oh and husbands too I guess), but the process of installing the flooring is giving me mini anxiety attacks. I mean, we have to find a place to put all the stuff while we remove the current flooring. That includes my living room, dining room, and kitchen. There will be couches, tables and a refrigerator wandering around my house!! I don’t even know how to prepare for this. Any one who has been through this before, feel free to toss any tips into the comments.

My shoulders and knees are killing me lately. And there is only so much Advil a girl can take (well, my doctor assures me that I am well WELL within the safe limits and the probability of the bleeding ulcers is really minimal at my age. Grrrrrreat). The really sick thing is, a combination of doctors and a multitude of test have only proven that I am a very healthy woman. Perfect bones, excellent joints, superb mobility. Which to me means that there is nothing they can do to help me out. Nothing. One would think its just part of getting older and whatnot, but hello!! I am only 24. Ok, practically 25. This is just a tad young to feel this much pain. It’s not like I’m 80. Or even 40. I’m freakin’ 24 and it sometimes takes me as long to get out of bed, or up from my chair, as my 75 year old Grandma. Urgh. Pure frustration. Oh and the advice I get from my doctor? “Don’t do things that make it worse and take Advil when it hurts.” Really? Ya think?! So, then do you think that when I don’t want to get out of bed tomorrow, I can say its because my doctor told me not to?? Yeah, me neither.*Sigh*

It seems that everyone needs to have their own “Cheers.” You know, a place where you walk in and “everybody knows your name.” For Simeon, it’s the Starbucks by his office. He can pretty much be found over there at 10am and 3pm DAILY. He takes his breaks and walks over their. It gets him out of his office and clears his head. So they all know him. We walk in and they holler to him and know his drinks (there are a couple he rotates between) by heart. Its much more comforting and less creepy than it sounds. Well, I have found my own place like that. Noah’s Bagels. In fact I walked in yesterday to “Hey Carrie!” and “Feeling like a mocha or just coffee today?” (I opted for the coffee. Their Chelsea blend is to die for!) Then as I proceeded to check out, my two favorite gals had an adorable conversation about which one of them was my friend first and who knows me better. What an excellent start to the day. You gotta love it when people are fighting over who likes you more, right?

Ok. I think I am done. But no guarantees, ok? 😉


…I dropped Simeon off at the airport only 8 hours ago and I am already out of things to do.

…I am very easily entertained by the flight tracking sites awaiting Simeon’s safe arrival in Washington DC, but it may be bordering on obsession, so I need to watch it.

…I will be the first to admit, when left to my own devices, I cannot be held accountable for the sudden disappearance of all things Ben & Jerry in my freezer. Particularly, Frozen Yogurt Phish Food. Mmmmmm….

…I didn’t think it was possible, but daytime television has gotten worse than I remember. Once again, another reason why I am incredibly thankful for TiVo.