The List

Ok, I am feeling a little overwhelmed right now. So-much-to-do, so-little-time syndrome. And what do people do when confronted with situations like this? (Well, other than avoid blogging, cause clearly that hasn’t been helping.) Anyone? Bueller?? Yeah, that’s right, we make a list. So here is my list, broken into three parts so I feel like I am making progress:


  1. Take down the Christmas decorations
  2. Upload Christmas photos (from ALL THREE gatherings)
  3. Input data into my financial statements so my accountant will love me
  4. Figure out what to make for dinner tonight (so Husband will love me)
  5. Update the family pictures on my mantel
  6. Go to the gas station
  7. Balance my bank account
  8. Make curtains for my kitchen/dining room
  9. Learn how to use my sewing machine to make said curtains
  10. Help the Boisvert’s move-in and unpack


  1. The laundry
  2. Reschedule Monday’s chiropractor appointment for later in the day
  3. Clean my house
  4. Mail a package to Kathy
  5. Plan a movie date with Lisa & Jeff
  6. Finalize office mailing list
  7. Make a To-Do List
  8. Blog


  1. Finding a new fridge (So far this one is my fave.)
  2. Finish reading my book
  3. Return Exchange a few Christmas presents
  4. Makin’ a baby

Things actually said over “Friends Christmas dinner”

“Ladies and gentlemen, TLC was just brought up over Christmas dinner!”

“Hey! I just high-fived you! Age ain’t nuthin’ but a number!”

“You know what’s funny? This isn’t the first time I have heard those two sing Shoop!”

“Screw the Mexi-Santa!”

“Awww! I put my arm in the mashed potatoes.”

“He said he would watch it if it was a gay ninja movie.”

“Pirates don’t have eye lasers!”

“Aaron didn’t finish all of his dinner…or Nick’s!”


“Thank God for being uncivilized!”

“Nick never wants the tittles to go away!”

“This cannot go well, so I am stopping there.”

“Eww! Is the end of that wet?!”

“Most of these quotes are my stupidity!”

Life Lesson #2156

When ordering a Christmas present for your husband, make sure you are not signed in under his account, because the order confirmation will be sent directly to his email inbox. And no matter how quickly you call the customer service people (Come on! It only took me 3 minutes! That’s all! And most of that was finding the number and then waiting on hold!), there is nothing they can do to recall an email that has already been sent. Nothing.

Conversations from the weekend

Him: Ummm, what do you think these little red spots are on my arms?
Me: I dunno.
Him: Do you see this? And this?! And here is another one!
Me: Maybe you are exploding. One cell at a time.

And then later on…

Me: What is that on your shirt?
Him: What? This?
Me: Is is syrup?
Him: Nah. It looks red.
Me: So, what, is it blood?
Him: Maybe. Remember I am exploding one cell at a time.

Things actually said over dinner last night

“I thought you were calling him Nipple!”

“I gotta bring a little flava to the table.”

“Is that where you went? We were all looking for you and you went downstairs to play video games?!”

“It’s your birthday and no one is listening to you.”

“As long as you love Jesus you can get elected.”

“Hurry! You have to hold it before Nick blows.”

“You see how I opened the first half of the present like a grown up? Ha! Watch this!”


Happy Birthday Nick! I dedicate this entry to you! We love ya, man! (All the rest of the pictures from last night are here: Nick’s Birthday Party.)

Paint Project Progress

Yeah. Say that five times over! So Simeon (and a few other people) have been demanding that I show you what the kitchen looks like since we finished painting. I am prepared to share the finished kitchen, but keep in mind I still need to add some finishing touches (curtains, rugs, etc). Oh and when we finish the entry/halls we will share that as well. So here is the progression our kitchen made over the last week.

The White Kitchen

The “Covered Wagon” Kitchen

The Primer Pink Kitchen

The “Old Burgundy” Kitchen

I tried to show pictures here of relatively the same perspective so you can get the idea. But all the rest of the pictures are over here. So what do you think? Fab? If not, keep it to yourself. I have already painted this kitchen enough. Give a girl a break, ok? 😉

A letter

Dear TiVo,

I am so hurt. Betrayed even. How could you do this to me? I thought we had an understanding. I thought you knew me. But after what you did last night….I just don’t know if I can trust you ever again. It is really going to take some time for me to forgive you for this.

Well, I guess I can’t blame you entirely. The WB is also partly to blame. That damn Felicity. American Girl? Whatever. Nick was right. She is a whore. I mean why would they mess up the programming like that? Why would they have Gilmore Girls on a Wednesday night? It is not suppose to be on Wednesday. Gilmore Girls is on Tuesday nights. And to think they would show the Girls on a Wednesday at the same time as Lost? And a repeat no less! Didn’t they know it would only confuse you? You can’t be expected to make decisions like that!

I know, I know. You had no control over it. But when I pulled up my “Now Playing” list, with all my friends watching, only to find that you did not record Lost. Oh the heartbreak. Oh the torture. Oh the humiliation!! It’s times like this we are lucky Nick is recording at home. I guess this will be his way of repaying you for always saving Nip/Tuck for him.

So TiVo, sweet TiVo, now you must understand why I have to modify the Season Passes. We just can’t let anything like this happen again. But don’t worry. You are still number one in my book. No one can beat your happy beeps, your adorable logo, your user-friendly menus. Oh I am so sorry. How could I ever stay mad at you? Forgive me?

Yours, always,