Doctor’s Appointment Report & 32 Week Belly Shot

I had my 32 week doctor’s appointment on Friday and have this to report back:

Weight: up 3 lb since last month (4 lb total gain)
Blood Pressure: 120/70
Baby’s Heartbeat: Normal, in the 150s

Everything went great at my appointment. Baby is growing right on schedule. I talked to my doctor about my blood sugar levels and she said everything is well within the normal ranges and I am currently doing a great job managing my gestational diabetes with diet and exercise. Wahoo!

Oh and here is my 32 week belly shot (plus a couple with the Big Sister):

(We did the Race for the Cure this morning, hence the pink workout shirt.)

As always, any pictures of Baby Bateman 2.0 will be collected here.

They Grow Up So Fast

I set an alarm this morning. One of my biggest fears is over sleeping and being late, so I generally always end up waking myself up way before my alarm is even set to go off, but regardless, I set the alarm so we could get up and get Ana to her first day of school on time. Turns out today, it was Ana whose internal clock woke her up before the alarm. She came into our room about 15 minutes before we were suppose to get out of bed, so Sim invited her under the covers to cuddle while we waited for the alarm to go off. When it finally did, Ana sat up in bed and shouted, “It’s time to go to school!” Then I had to explain we still had two hours until school started and no one would be there yet.

Our morning progressed, as most mornings do when we need to be somewhere first thing, but unlike those other mornings today we were able to do everything at super speed so we ended up all ready to go a good half hour before we needed to be at school. So I took the opportunity to exhaust Ana with the obligatory “first day of school” pictures and she was happy to oblige if it meant we were progressing to actually leaving for school. I mean she was wearing her coat and backpack, what else would we be doing, right?

After I took the pictures, we loaded up in the car as I anticipated more traffic than usual since everyone else with children would also be taking their kiddos to school and we have to drive through several school zones just to leave our neighborhood. But I didn’t take into account that the majority of the schools started a good hour before Ana’s preschool, so once again we found ourselves ahead of schedule and with some time to kill. Thankfully, I looked around the parking lot and there were several other families sitting in their cars waiting for it to be an acceptable time to arrive at school. As it was, Ana and I were still the first ones into the classroom, but it gave her a few minutes to chat with her teacher and learn the whole “what to do when you get to school” drill. Minutes after Ana placed her coat and backpack on a hook, washed her hands, and set to explore the classroom chaos broke out as everyone else arrived in a frenzied swarm. As always, being early pays off!

As we were leaving school, I grabbed my camera again and took a few pictures on the grounds (I didn’t want to embarrass her by taking pictures IN the classroom…though I should have, as most of the other parents did). Ana was very happy about her first day of school and we went to Starbucks for a little post-preschool snack to celebrate.

Enjoying a post-preschool snack at Starbucks.

You can see all the pictures I took of Ana’s first day of school here plus the ones I took on my iPhone are up on Flickr.

Doctor’s Appointment Report

I had my 30 week (rounding up, I’m actually 29w5d and will be 30 weeks on Sunday) doctor’s appointment this morning and have this to report back:

Weight: down 6 lb since last month (back to 1 lb total gain)
Blood Pressure: 120/64
Baby’s Heartbeat: Normal, 157

It was a fairly uneventful appointment today. I am measuring right on track so despite my obvious lack of weight gain, baby is growing right on schedule. I start going in every two weeks now so we can keep track of my blood pressure as well as baby’s growth. Otherwise, there isn’t much to report… just the way we like it!

Mommy Daughter Date

Today Ana and I went to a little nail salon near our house for a special mommy-daughter date. We went and got pedicures! Ana got a manicure too (her mani-pedi took the same amount of time as my spa pedi). We have been meaning to do this for awhile and with Ana starting school next week, it seemed like the perfect time for a little special treat.

First, Ana got to pick out her nail color. You have never seen her more excited in her life as when she spotted the wall of nail polish.

Picking nail polish colors
Then she settled in to the special child chair: pink, shaped like a teddy bear, and complete with her own personal DVD player.

To get ready for back to school, Ana and I are getting pedicures!
She was very excited to watch a movie while getting her manicure and letting her feet soak in the bubbly tub.

Ana gets to watch a movie while getting her manicure.
For her fingers, Ana settled on a pretty purple color. She was ecstatic when the lady added a fancy flower to one finger on each hand.

Purple nails with a fancy flower
For her toes she opted for a sparkly pink, and again was very happy to have the added flower. If you notice, the lady did the flower centers with the other polish Ana chose. Very coordinated! And fancy.

Sparkly pink nails with a fancy flower
Here are our completed pedicures. Is there anything sweeter than a mother-daughter pedicure? Oh I don’t think so!

Mother daughter pedicures!
(I didn’t think to bring my nice camera, so all the pictures were taken with my iPhone 4. Not too shabby for a phone!)