11 Year Doctor Appointment

Ana had her 11-year doctor appointment today. Here are her stats from the appointment:

Height: 5′ 1.93″ (96nd percentile)
Weight: 115 lbs 6.4 oz (93rd percentile)
BMI: 21.16 (87th percentile)
Blood Pressure: 110/70
Pulse: 90

When we checked in to Ana’s appointment, for the first time ever there were forms that Ana needed to complete. I took my clipboard and handed her one of her own. There were mostly questions about depression, safety, body imagine, etc. to make sure she isn’t feeling any unusual levels of emotions during this typically unstable time of adolescents. I’m happy they are checking but it made me so sad that it is even necessary.

Ana’s 11 Year Appt

Ana did it again. She had another big growth spurt. The doctor reconfirmed his theory that girls her age don’t typically have that big of a growth spurt this early and that she is growing faster than normal. This means she will likely be done growing sooner. Last year the doctor thought she may grow to be 5’6″ but now he said it’s looking closer to 5’9″. I believe it. Just look at this kids legs!

Ana’s 11 Year Appt

Ana and the doctor talked about all the things she is doing to stay healthy (eating fruits/veggies, staying active, and avoiding too much screen time) as well as monitoring her calcium and Vitamin D. She’s an avid milk drinker so he thinks she is great on calcium but we likely need to supplement her daily multi-vitamin with additional Vitamin D to help her body actually absorb all that calcium. Then it was time to talk vaccinations. She got her flu shot at Hadley’s annual appointment in November but she still had to get three today: Meningococcal, Tdap, and HPV. She took it like a champ and even smiled through the pain (and for the picture).

Ana’s 11 Year Appt

Then we were sent on our way with a clean bill of health and told to keep up the good work!