A Trip to the Beach

How do you get rid of the worries of a long stressful week? Take a day trip to the beach! Especially since I couldn’t bare to waste this beautiful sunny weather we have been having in February. So Simeon and I packed up the truck and put the pups in the cab:

Molly gazing out the window on the drive to the beach.

Blah. Yeah, that’s me.

Is this day over yet?!

I just got into my purse to take some much needed Advil and pulled out my wallet. I stared at my wallet for a second thinking about what I wanted to get out of my wallet. Then I realized I was digging for drugs and simply got distracted by my wallet.

Such has been this day.

One would think that after a nice long weekend in which I spent very little time cleaning, doing yard work (in the SUNSHINE!!), and organizing around the house, and a lot of time watching movies, lounging on the couch, and catching up on some quality time with TiVo, that one would be well rested and in a much better mood than I am actually in. However, this was not the case. Today was one fiasco after the next. I should have taken the feeling that I was “off” today as a sign to crawl back into bed and pull the covers over my head.

Did I listen to that brilliant voice in my head? No! Did I listen to my husband who said that if I just stayed in bed, I would lose my job and then I would have more time to spend in bed? No. I got up. Showered. Went to work. And spend the rest of the day regretting all of it.

Oh, how I long for the weekend. Thank goodness the next three-day weekend is only a little more than a month away. And a Good Friday it will be!

The Boisvert’s Visit

Over the weekend my lovely friend, Heather, turned 25 and came down to visit friends and family. We were lucky enought to be on her list of people to visit!

Heather tickling Lindsay while she plays shy with the camera.

Reaching Rockstar Status

Ohmigod! My genius of a husband, Simeon, was just published in the Cold Fusion Developer’s Journal!! How freakin’ cool is that? The link is just to the online version of the article, but you can get the actual magazine at Barnes & Noble or wherever you buy books/magazines. Plus in the magazine version of the article there is a picture of Simeon, which I took. So I guess in a way, my photography has been published also!! Total bonus! Go check him out!


…that I totally picked the right guy when Simeon said, “let’s do pizza. You should relax on lover’s day.” So we are going to order pizza, cuddle up in our pajamas, and watch some TiVo (you can fastforward people, it doesn’t get any better than that!).

…that wearing clothes together in a totally new way can make everyone think you got a new outfit. Then when you explain what you did, be told, “even your clothes are multi-tasking!”

…that my friend Lisa M. is my latest idol because she just passed her Series 63. Way to go sweetie, I knew you could do it!

…that I wanted to wish Heather, my bestest friend in the whole world, a public Happy Birthday! I know it’s a few days late, but it’s because I was totally wishing her a happy birthday in person on the 12th! Oh and I wanted to add this on: You will always be older than me, sweetie! I love you!

Thinking (Part II)…

…that the best cure for a bad day is a guilt-free lunch with a great friend followed up with retail therapy.

…that laughter really is the best medicine…and unlimited breadsticks don’t hurt either.

…that when a really cute shirt is on sale for $3.97, you really should buy it in every color they have.


…God, will she ever just SHUT UP already?

…When you clearly see me walking down the hall (in a straight line, mind you) in the opposite direction of you, do you insist upon deciding to cross over the hallway right in front of me?!?

…What the hell is that smell?

…Yes, I know my new clothes are cute, but did I say you could look at them? No!! We don’t like each other, remember?

…Jeez, I am in a bad mood today.

An Animal Apology

Sorry I have been so busy lately. When I am not studying for my Series 63 exam, dragging my butt to the gym, cleaning my house, doing laundry, or slaving away at work, I am most likely sleeping. Right now I am lying in bed, winding down for the night, watching Super Nanny and Frodo is laying across the keyboard of my laptop. Oh, such is life. So I thought what is the best way to beg for mercy? Inundate you with adorable animals!! Hope it works, cause I need forgiveness!

Erin’s lovely Priscilla got a photoshoot while I was petsitting. How cute is she?


…if I bite my tongue anymore I am going to start drawing blood. I just keep telling myself I don’t want to say something I will regret later….despite the fact that I know it would feel really good to tell the bitch off!!

“Can you hear me now?!”

**Now I must begin this post with a disclaimer that I know I have a loud voice. It’s part of my charm. I know this. Get over it.**

So I have this elderly client at work who for the life of me cannot hear me. I yell. I enunciate. I talk slowly. Nothing. It is the most frustrating thing for both of us (not to mention the other people in my office! Sorry ladies!). This week I have spoken to her twice. Then finally today she said, “Dear, I do not understand a word you are saying. I cannot hear you. I could hear the girl that answered the phone just fine but I cannot hear you.” When finally the light bulb came on over my head. I asked her to hold and got our receptionist back on the phone and dictated through her. Who knew the only way for me to help her was to pass her off to someone else?

Anyway, this is not the first time I have encountered someone not being able to hear my voice. I know it sounds bizarre and totally made up, but I swear to you this is not. My voice is at an octave that is apparently hard to hear. In fact, my entire childhood my maternal grandmother could not hear my voice. SHE COULD NOT HEAR MY VOICE. She could hear my sisters. She could hear my brother. But could she hear me? NO! So what did she do? She would just pretend that I wasn’t there. If she needed to know what I was saying (for example if I was hurt or needed something) she would ask my brother, “What is SHE saying?” I kid you not. This was my childhood. (You can imagine the relationship we have to this day.)

So I ask you this: What are the odds that TWO people I have encountered in my life cannot hear me, when the rest of the world tries so desperately to drown me out?