Ten Year Doctor Appointment

Ana had her ten-year doctor appointment today. Here are her stats from the appointment:

Height: 4′ 10.11″ (92nd percentile)
Weight: 88 lbs 9.6 oz (82nd percentile)
BMI: 18.45 (73rd percentile)
Blood Pressure: 100/70
Pulse: 100

Ten Year Dr Appt

According to her numbers Ana has had a recent growth spurt. The doctor said girls her age don’t typically have that big of a growth spurt this early so he thinks she may be growing a little faster than normal which may mean she will be done growing sooner. I said she was following right in my footsteps because I grew early and was done by 8th grade. He thinks she is right on track for that but may only reach 5’6″ (I’m 5’8″). I’m holding out that she can at least grow to be taller than her Aunt Jeni and Aunt Darcie.

During her exam he noticed a little curvature to on her back. Official chart diagnosis “Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis of cervicothoracic region” but said it was very minor and we will just keep an eye on it. Otherwise there wasn’t much to note. She’s growing, she’s healthy, and that’s all we can ask for. She got her flu shot at Hadley’s annual appointment in November so she didn’t have to get any shots today! She was quite happy about that!

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