Four Year Doctors Appointment

Hadley had her four-year doctors appointment on Monday. Here are her stats from the appt:

Height: 40.25″ (62nd percentile)

Weight: 37.2 lbs (68th percentile)

BMI: 16.14 (73rd percentile)

Blood Pressure: 90/52

Last year our beloved pediatrician passed away suddenly from pancreatic cancer so we had to find a new pediatrician. I polled my mom friends, made a spreadsheet (as one does), and finally decided on a new doctor for my girls. Since we haven’t had any health issues in the last several months, the first time Hadley was going to be meeting her new doctor was for her annual appointment. She was a little nervous to be going to an unfamiliar place, meeting a new doctor, and the ever looming threat of shots. But as soon as we arrived at the office the girls were instantly at ease. They ran around checking out all the new toys, books, finding Nemo in in the fish tank, and searching for all the hidden items in the giant wall mural.
Finding Nemo in the fish tank
Finding pictures on the waiting room mural
When it was our turn to be called back, the nurse stopped Hadley just beyond the waiting room doors to check her height.
Checking her height
Then she did an eye exam. Hadley was very entertained by the blacked-out glasses and initially told the nurse she couldn’t see the shapes on the wall. When she asked about each shape individually, Hadley was able to correctly identify them all. I think she was just thrown off by “losing” her vision in one eye. They said her visual acuity is 20/40.
"Look at these silly glasses, Mama!"
Eye Exam
Then we went into the exam room and started with the hearing test. Understanding that four-year-olds don’t often get the concept of raising your hand when you hear the beep, they prefer to have children point out the word being said on a chart. Hadley thought it was a fun game but made the mistake of talking during her test and since they don’t have the ability to pause the test she got a little confused. But ultimately the nurse assured me that her hearing was just fine.
Hearing test time
Taking a pictorial hearing test
Then it was time to meet our new doctor. He came into the room, impressed to see that between Ana and Hadley they had assembled all the jumbled puzzles in his basket. He talked to me and Hadley for a bit and then moved on to his assessments. He asked Hadley if she wanted to draw a picture. She was very excited about this! He drew a cross (in green) and asked Hadley to do the same (in red…it was as close as she could get to pink). So she did. Then he drew another shape, asked Hadley what it was, and to draw one as well. She quickly said it was a square, and did her best rendition. Then he asked her to draw her mom. She looked excitedly at me and set to work, paying special attention to my hair. When she decided she was done, the doctor held the picture next to my face and declared that Hadley had done a lovely job. Then in a low creepy voice Hadley said, “Zombie Mama!” I giggled nervously and said “Well, it was just Halloween…” The doc raised his eyebrows but just laughed.
Hadleys's Drawing
All in all, we had a lovely appointment. We really liked the pediatrician we selected and the girls already can’t wait to go back next month for Ana’s annual exam. Hadley is perfectly healthy and after getting her MMR booster was informed she doesn’t have to come back until her appointment next year.
Waiting to see the doctor

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