Harry Potter Halloween Party

In following with my obsession with Harry Potter, and being heavily encouraged by all of our friends,
Simeon and I threw our Second Annual Harry Potter Halloween Party. It was a smashing success! I decorated the house in typical Halloween fashion, allowed the only source of light to come from candles, and made recipes inspired by the books. We strongly encouraged our friends to put on their finest Wizarding Robes and join in the fun.

Simeon was Igor Karkaroff, the Head of Durmstrang AND a former Death Eater. And I was the clumsy Auror, Nymphadora Tonks, who is a member of the Order of the Phoenix and just happens to also be a metamorphmagus (can change her appearance at will).

Heather came as Madam Rosmerta, the barmaid at the Three Broomsticks. She brought her adorable little pumpkin Emery with her as well. But don’t worry Emery, you won’t be used to make any Pumpkin Juice!

Megan and Jason came dressed as Ron and Hermione. Quite the perfect fit if you ask me! And what a cute couple they made at that!

Megan dressed as the drunken house elf, Winky, while Nick chose to be the sock-obsessed house elf Dobby.

Phil and Chelle decided to be visiting professors at Hogwarts; Marge & Homer Dar Vader (spoken with a German accent, of course) parents of little Darth Jacob.

Chloe dressed up as a funky witch and was rarely seen without her little pea-in-a-pod, Ayden.

Aaron was Stan Shunpike, the conductor of the Knight Bus.

Mitch and Jen came cleverly dressed as muggles so that no one would notice them. Mitch is a “personal trainer” and Jen is a coach. Well done on the disguises, guys!

And last, but not least, Little Miss Lindsay was dressed as an adorable little pig. You can see the rest of the pictures from the party in the gallery: Harry Potter Halloween Party. There are also a couple other new galleries. One of Megan’s HalloWEENIE Bachelorette Party and one of the Trick or Treaters from last night. Enjoy!

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