To Do

To Do Before I Die:
(This is an ever evolving list… Check back to see what I have completed!)

  1. Graduate from college
  2. See the Aurora Borealis
  3. Go white water rafting
  4. Get Married
  5. Visit all 50 states
  6. See the Grand Canyon
  7. Visit Mexico
  8. See the sun rise over the ocean
  9. Visit the Empire State Building
  10. Visit the rainforests
  11. Buy a house
  12. Ride a gondola down the canals in Venice
  13. See France from the Eiffel Tower
  14. Eat authentic Italian food
  15. Go on a cruise
  16. See the Volkswagen factory in Germany
  17. Celebrate Mardi Gras
  18. Obedience train my dogs
  19. Have a baby
  20. See a full solar eclipse
  21. Witness a tornado
  22. Learn to sew (more than just buttons and socks)
  23. Find a recipe for fabulous Tiramisu
  24. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon

4 thoughts on “To Do

  1. You telling me that you grew up in seaside but never woke up early enough to see the sunrise over the ocean? Come girl what did you do all those mornings?


  2. OMG – I’m stalking your past life, and I should be in bed! 😉 I’m pretty sure you can cross off 19, and I can help you out with 23. 😉 What are friends for?

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